The 2008 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 3 – Results Edition

There’s a traffic jam at the top with the combined might of Sean, Joe and Matt knocking King Rob off his throne. Rob must now battle for second against a surging Justin and Steve. Of course, there are four rounds and 40 questions left to go so this is still anyone’s game – although if I had to bet, I’d say that Chris K ends 6 rounds with 42 points. (Assuming I have my math right – let’s see, 6 X 7 = well, you get the idea.)

Round 3 begins now. Buzz in below and send your answers to The deadline for submissions is 6:00 a.m. EST Saturday December 13, 2008.

Round 3


1.   In Home Alone, Kevin’s family is headed to Paris when they leave him behind. Where are they headed in Home Alone 2 when they abandon him and why hasn’t DSS been called yet?
(Answer – Miami, FL)

Correct – Angela, Steve, Matt, Jason, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Tracy, George, Justin, Joe, Stacy


2.   Which one of these artists did not have a song featured on ONE of those Very Special Christmas albums?
a.   Run-DMC
b.   Wyclef Jean
c.   Chris Cornell
d.   Billy Corgan
(Answer – C, Chris Cornell)

Correct – Steve, Brian, Tracy, Matt, Jason, Justin, Rob, Sean
Incorrect – Angela, Dan, George, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Stacy


3.   In what late-70’s Made for TV special, do Bea Arthur, Harvey Korman and Jefferson Starship rock out with a furball named Lumpy, making you glad that late-70’s variety shows are now so very far, far away?
(Answer – The Star Wars Holiday Special)

Correct – Angela, Matt, Jason, Justin, Rob, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Steve, Brian, Dan, Tracy, George, Chris, Stacy


4.   In whose home, on Christmas Eve, could you engage in The Feats of Strength?
(Answer – The Costanzas)

Correct – Angela, Steve, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Stacy


5.   Which of these is NOT a real holiday themed horror movie?
a.   Black Christmas
b.   Silent Night, Deadly Night
c.   Silent Night, Bloody Night
d.   Reindeer Maims
(Answer – D, Reindeer Maims… but if I ever get a development deal, it will be REAL, damn it!!!)

Correct – Steve, Dan, Matt, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Sean
Incorrect – Angela, Brian, Tracy, George, Joe, Stacy

6.   In the Simpson’s Christmas Special (the very first episode aired), which of these is NOT the name of a dog that Santa’s Little Helper races?
a.   Dog O’ War
b.   Fido
c.   Stella Dallas
d.   Quadruped
(Answer – C, Stella Dallas)

Correct – Brian, Jason, Rob, Aunt Sharon, Chris
Incorrect – Angela, Steve, Dan, Tracy, Matt, George, Justin, Joe, Stacy, Sean


7.   In the movie Scrooged, what does Bill Murray suggest they use to affix tiny reindeer antlers to a mouse?
(Answer – Staples)

Correct – Angela, Steve, Brian, Dan, Matt, George, Jason, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Tracy, Stacy


8.   Who’s Mister White Christmas, Mr. Snow. Mister Icicle. Mr. 10 Below?
(Answer – Snow Miser/Snow Meiser)

Correct – Angela, Steve, Tracy, Matt, George, Jason, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Brian, Dan, Justin, Stacy


9.   Which one of these performers was NOT in We Are the World?
a.   Paul Simon
b.   Daryl Hall
c.   Art Garfunkle
d.   John Oates
(Answer – C, Art Garfunkle)

Correct – Angela, Dan, Tracy, Matt, George, Justin, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Joe, Sean
Incorrect – Steve, Brian, Jason, Stacy


10.   In Adam Sandler’s Hanukkah Song, which one of these stars does he NOT out as Jewish?
a.   Tom Cruise
b.   Harrison Ford
c.   David Lee Roth
d.   Henry Winkler
(Answer – A, Tom Cruise)

Correct – Angela, Steve, Matt, Jason, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Sean, Dan, Tracy, George, Justin, Joe
Incorrect – Brian, Stacy

1.   Sean O/Matt D   (27)
2.   Rob M   (26)
3.   Joe D/Aunt Sharon/Jason C   (24)
4.   Justin S/Steve K   (23)
5.   Chris K   (22)
6.   George A   (18)
7.   Brian M/Tracy M   (14)
8.   Stacy S/Angela D   (12)
9.   Dan M   (11)

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  • Now would you look at that. Sometime in the last few hours those little Code Elves snuck into my workshop and redecorated for the holidays. Now, some of you are very familiar with this site’s Elf and know that he is an Elf in the way that Will Ferrell is – meaning he’s the tallest damned Elf you’ve ever seen.

    Also the best!!!

    Hats off to you, friend.

  • This is too funny!! I JUST finished watching Elf in HD while I decorated the family room!!
    Beautiful job OB1.

    ( @ Ed – Just checking-he’s not getting any extra points for this, is he? )

  • Crap! I wanted to say Chris Cornell, since I thought he was kind’a new, but I have no idea when the last one of those albums was released….I suppose I could find out by doing that Gizmo thing, which I still don’t know what it is, but I will wait until AFTER the Throwdown. And Jessi suggested that the trick part of that question was the capitalized ONE. Was it? If it is, I HAVE to slow down and spend more time analyzing my evil nephew’s mind…I’m still reeling from missing the Lucy/Charlie one, and I SAW that one when it first aired!

    Just want to say that the Uninvited is hanging right in there with The Attendees!!

  • The capitalized ONE was done on purpose but not as a hint. Since I put a pic of the very first Very Special Christmas album, I didn’t want people to think that I was only referring to that volume.

  • Well I just reread question one….I am a moron…still think I deserve something since I clearly knew the answer

  • Thank Jeebus for the Trash Bin – I found your discarded answers. So, the question asks for what city Kevin’s family is headed to in Home Alone 2 and you answered:

    “1. He got on the Wrong plane….ended up in New York”

    Listen – I will not be held responsible for the dumbing down of America and I am certainly not going to reward it. Again with the reading comprehension.

    No soup for you. : )

  • I gotta slow down and read the questions correctly..Can’t believe I answered NY..damn it!

  • @Juice – Hosed in Round 1? The question was who got Ralphie the Red Ryder BB Gun and you answered “Santa Clause”, not “his Dad”. I think you and I better have a long talk about that very subject (you being a Dad and all). I’d hate to hear about some kids disappointed on Christmas Day because you were sitting around waiting for Santa to arrive.