The 2008 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 1 – Results Edition

[Editor’s Note – UPDATED – The answers have been appended to the questions below. And at the very bottom, you’ll find the leaderboard – which has been updated to include all contestants (including Facebook friends). There will now be 3 prizes awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Round 2 questions will be posted Wednesday December 10, 2008 by 8:00 a.m. EST]

And so it begins.

As I mentioned the other day, the rules are simple.

Every other business day (starting today) I will post a series of 10 trivia questions. Anyone who would like to participate can simply ‘Ring In’ by leaving a Comment below along the lines of “I’m In” or “OB1 and Done, baby”. Then e-mail me your answers to After each round’s deadline expires, I’ll post the results and we’ll move on to the next round.

As the actual party was so loud, not many people heard these questions unless you were on the hot seat and perched two inches away from my bellowing pie hole. Therefore, this little contest is fair game to anyone who wants to submit answers below.

Now, as this is the wild, wild web, I know the answers are just a Google away. I’m going to get a pop culture-themed prize and display the winner’s name (and Mii likeness) on this site at the conclusion of all six rounds, so if you cheat, you cheat me.  And yourself. Oh, and your children. Your dogs and cats. And anyone who ever looked you square in the eye and declared you a kind, decent human. Hell – you cheat America and right now, America needs you more than ever you lowdown, dirty Canadian. 

Yup, you Google Gizmo and you’re basically dead to us all.

The last note – as my faithful readers can attest, I like to keep these posts visually interesting by sprinkling them with photos. I plan on posting photos with each question but in the case of multiple-choice questions, the photo displayed is not necessarily indicative of the winning answer. It just means I found a photo I liked. Also, in the instance where a photo would truly spoil a question, I’ll just post some random holiday-themed shot.

Onto Round 1. (Note – Round 1 entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST Monday December 8, 2008).

Round 1


1. If Santa were to come down the chimney and find the “jolliest bunch of a$$holes” since “Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny ‘F%#king’ Kaye”, whose house would he be in?
(Answer – The Griswolds)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Justin, Sean, Stacy, Aunt Sharon, Rob
Incorrect – Chris

2. In Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, name one of the three characters who Jack sends to “kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws”.
(Answer – Lock, Shock or Barrel)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Sean, Rob
Incorrect – Justin, Stacy, Aunt Sharon, Chris


3.   What video game series featured a sinister snowman named Bad Mister Frosty?
a.   Street Fighter
b.   Clayfighter
c.   Mortal Kombat
d.   The Simpsons Tag Team Wrestling
(Answer – B Clayfighter)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Sean, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon
Incorrect – Justin, Stacy


4. In the movie Scrooged, what appliance does “the bitch” (or Ghost of Christmas Present) hit Frank Cross in the head with?
(Answer – A New Toaster)

Correct – Jason, Justin, Sean, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon
Incorrect – Joe, Stacy


5. On the Island of Misfit Toys, what is the squirt gun’s problem?
(Answer – He Shoots Jelly)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Justin, Rob, Aunt Sharon
Incorrect – Sean, Chris, Stacy


6. Who actually gifts Ralphie with his Holy Grail, an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle?
(Answer – His Dad)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Sean, Rob, Chris, Stacy, Aunt Sharon
Incorrect – Justin


7. Which of these is NOT the title of an animated holiday special?
a.   A Bloom County Christmas
b.   B.C. A Special Christmas
c.   Beavis and Butthead Do Christmas
d.   He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special
(Answer – A, Bloom County – and there are apparently a lot of Bloom County Fans out
there who say they would have been pissed if there was A Bloom County Christmas
and they missed it.)

Correct – Joe, Justin, Sean, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon
Incorrect – Jason, Stacy


8. Which one of these actors has never played an elf?
a.   Will Ferrell
b.   Ludacris
c.   Danny DeVito
d.   Bob Newhart
(Answer – C, Danny DeVito)

Correct – Joe, Jason, Justin, Sean, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Stacy
Incorrect – Nobody. You guys sure know your midgets errr, vertically challenged.


9. What ‘holiday’ movie features the following line:
“The bulk of the heroin will be here Friday night, we’ll make delivery at that time. Have the money ready, and no tricks. If you try anything… you’ll have to talk to Mr. Joshua. Merry Christmas.”
(Answer – Lethal Weapon)

Correct – Sean, Rob, Chris,
Incorrect – Jason, Justin, Joe, Stacy, Aunt Sharon


10. What comedy duo offers a beer as one of the gifts during “The Twelve Days of Christmas”?
(Answer – Bob and Doug McKenzie)

Correct – Joe, Justin, Sean, Rob, Chris, Aunt Sharon, Stacy
Incorrect – Jason (this was a tough one but I couldn’t accept, “those guys in Strange Brew)

1.   Rob M   (10)
2.   Sean O   (9)
3.   Joe D/Aunt Sharon/Matt D   (8)
4.   Jason(Poe)/Chris K/Steven K   (7)
5.   Justin S/George A/Brian M   (6)
6.   Stacy S/Tracy M   (4)
7.   Dan M   (1)

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  • Round 1 Deadline Update – I’m playing real fast and loose with that 11:59 p.m. deadline. Let’s just say that you have to e-mail me your answers before I wake up tomorrow (so call that 6 a.m. EST). Just thought I’d toss you night owls a bone (or mouse or whatever the hell owls eat).

  • The night owls appreciate!! I go to bed a scant few hours before you get up!
    Just checked into the site – only saw the OTHER Eddie I love so dearly! Will do the questions after The Colbert Report tonight, when I am at my SHARPEST!!

  • Lethal Weapon was a “holiday” movie? Does that mean it had a Christmas scene? I am probably the only one here who saw that in the theater to…

  • @Aunt Sharon – The word Holiday is in “quotes” for a reason. It’s not a holiday movie, but it does take place at Christmas. The opening scene is a scantily clad woman in a Santa hat hitting the coke before hitting the pavement. Then we move to Mel attacking some thugs at a Christmas Tree lot. Later, Mr. Joshua’s car crashes through the Murtaugh’s front window into their Christmas Tree. And the sountrack is full of Christmas classics. It’s as holiday as they come.

    BTW – I saw it in the theater too… and I was underaged. Don’t tell.

  • @Sean – I was looking for “shoots jelly” because that is his problem. Doesn’t shoot water is not the answer. There is no half-credit.

  • oh well, you didn’t give me credit for at least mentioning Lethal Weapon in that long winded answer… 🙂

  • I figured whatever it was, it wasn’t really a holiday movie. I just thought it was one of the TV blurbs that Kevin captures on his talkboy ( which my kids HAAAAAD to have! Did we know about product placement back then?), but even then, I thought it seemed a little harsh….

    Bring on Round Two!! Got some snow-covered ground to make up!!

  • Oh, and I was tormented all last night by the thought that the Elf question was a trick question and that Will Ferrell played a normal human that was RAISED as an elf, but wasn’t actually an elf, and that Danny DeVito had been an elf in Bad Santa, or some other odd HOLIDAY movie.

    Ed’s in my head….

  • @Joe – I like your tact of naming every action flick from the last two decades and hoping something would stick, but no, I can’t give credit for that.

    @Aunt Sharon & All – No trick questions unless you count the text book definition of a holiday movie. Otherwise, the answers will always be on the up and up. If you are raised an elf, you are an elf.

  • Wait, I thought I was in second! Where am I on this so-called “leaderboard?” I cry foul! Foul I say! is this separate from the Facebook one?

  • Hey Dursin – If you buzzed in on Facebook, then you’re in that one (same questions of course). If you buzzed in here, then you’re in this one. If you’re on Facebook but I know you are an avid reader of the site, then you get counted twice. Now, apparenlty I’ve just now discovered you read this site. So now we have to determine if you are an avid reader. I’ll give you a quick trivia question, culled from a recent post. If you can answer it correctly, I’ll list you on this Leaderboard as well. (And yes – I have prizes for both sites).

    Question – What unfortunate nickname was I saddled with in the mid-90’s and what popular musical group helped inform its creation?

  • I did better than I thought I would. I probably should have known number 1 and 5, but it has been awhile since I have seen either movie. I loved the Lethal Weapon question. People forget it set around Christmas time. I remeber that first scene when we meet Riggs and he is doing a drug deal at Christmas Tree stand!

  • @Chris – And you’re right. The Mr. Joshua was the tip. How can anyone forget about the mad genius of THE BUSEY!!!

    All right. Round 2 is prepped and will be up tomorrow a.m.

    Good luck all.

  • Wow. You and the trivia. Anyway, I know this one. Your nickname was Raisinhead, and it was derived from that Menudo of the Multiplex, the Candy Band!

  • Why is there a separate thing for here and Facebook? I think we should see our standing across all competitors, not just where we get our Ed fix from…

  • House Rules – That’s Why. Why would you want to see how you stack up against people you don’t know very well.

    I have 2 prizes. Therefore – 2 contests going.

  • And Dursin – Yes you are now on both sites. I’ll update this one shortly.

    Good for you in knowing what goes on in your Ed.

  • Okay, there are two other Facebook people here besides Dursin that I don’t know either, plus Juice and Poe are also Facebookers, so 5 of 9 people here are also there… but that’s not my point. All I am saying is that since we are all answering the same questions, why not see how you stack up against everyone? Who cares if you know them or not or where they registered for the contest.

    Also, if you are using where they registered as a measure for which prize they are eligible, then only six people are eligible here since they left comments (Aunt Sharon, Jason, Chris, Stacy S., Rob and me) on your initial registration post or this one before the deadline. Anyone that posted at Facebook is only eligible there. If they posted at both, then both. (Are you going to extend the same for the others besides Dursin that frequent both?) Anyone that did so verbally or thru e-mail are obviously up to you for where to designate — I’m generous like that — but I am guessing Joe and Juice fall into that bucket.

    So really, your original list of eight here seems accurate to me, it just comes down to whether the “House Rules” mean that Rob, Stacy, Juice and Poe are also in the Facebook contest if Dursin is now in this one too.

  • I will Winter Warmer you the strength!

    Just so everyone knows, I am not trying to be a jerk, just having some fun at Ed and Dursin’s expense here. That said, I would still like to see both standings, maybe not combined, but just both lists so we can see who’s collective trivia knowledge is better; Zoners or Facebookers.

  • I’m all for integration so I’ll add them into the mix (some are here anyway and 4 of the Zoners are there (and on that list) too).

    But – I’ll offer three prizes for the Top 3 winners.

  • The Leaderboard is now inclusive of all walks of Internet life – be they Ed Zone inhabitants, Facebook friends, or just your garden-variety cyber stalkers and Internet Predators.

    “This is an environment of welcoming so you should just get the hell out.”