My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #2. Where the Wild Things are… Dead

2.   Where the Wild Things Are… Dead (originally published February 2, 2006)

This sordid little tale is true – every twisted letter of it is 100% genuine. And to this day, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Don’t believe me? I’ve been called Dr. Death – the Anti-Doolitle of our times. I’m listed on 100 different watch lists, have had paint tossed on me by PETA and can’t step within 100 yards of a Petco without klaxons blaring. Once again, certain readers of this site can vouch for every last sentence of my account. And if you don’t believe them – ask them if they want me playing with their Gigapets.

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  • This totally true story absolutely stands out in Clarke Family lore as one of the Greats! I laugh every time I read this- and I took the ” Pumpkin’s dead” call!