My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #1. Off He Goes

1.   Off He Goes (originally published September 15, 2008)

This is a new one, just published a couple of weeks ago. And this one, I’m real proud of. I’ve got a number of posts out there which provide you all with a small window into the day-to-day travails of Clan Humphries. I try to inject some levity into them for I know the bittersweet always has a habit of seeping in as well. But that’s life. Anyway, a lot of you read this one already and I’ve received some kind words. I swear, there are days where I consider myself a colossal screw-up of a parent. And then I see my children making such enormous strides and I realize, I must be doing something right. The first and last pictures that I chose for this piece get me every time. Off he goes…

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  • Excellent choice, Ed!

    Of course by now you should have been to a Parents Night, and maybe even a Conference to check on Colin’s progress(actually,this is just the teacher’s way of getting to know the culprits..I mean parents..better!)
    These are good days indeed.

    I enjoyed your Top Ten, viewing your work through your eyes this time. As always, I look forward to your next musing…and isn’t Lost coming back on soon….??

  • I’ve got a full month of programming ahead, including the start of the 2008 Ho Ho Ho Throwdown next week (Monday) which will take us through to Christmas. Then, I’ll sprinkle in some Christmas musings leading us up to the Lost recaps to begin in mid-January. And somewhere around that point, I’ll develop a career ending carpal tunnel injury.

  • Well, since I am still unemployed, I will be happy to transcibe for you!