My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #8. Half Life

8.   Half Life     (originally published June 6, 2006)

My Constant Readers know that June 6th is the date to begin scouring the beams and rafters for my lifeless body. My first “Oh Woe Is Me” post was published three years ago as I turned 35 – which current actuary tables mark as my true mid-point on this orb. The second piece came a year later – same date (funny how birthdays work) – in a post titled 6 x 6 = 36. Yes, that means on June 6th, I turned 36. Now, don’t get me wrong. I live a charmed life and have it very good but I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t sit in the corner and cry every once in awhile. For some reason, my mental state has keyed in on the Frost poem “Two Roads Diverged” – it haunts much of my fictional writings – and it seems to dog me like a specter a few times a year, usually as I reflect upon my love of writing and that fact that I’m a million miles away from that being my paid profession. The good news is these posts usually play as therapy and by the time I’m done writing them, I come out positive and refreshed on the other side. I don’t wish to write these each year. They write themselves.

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  • I just realized that from the post picture, your mom must be expecting Noelle-and that she looks alarmingly like a grown-up Jenna-so this must be June of 1977, which meant I was married a few short weeks after this picture was taken-which means I am even OLDER now than when I first read this post ( and married longer, but that doesn’t bother me!)

    You were ( and still are!) a cutie!! More hair then, though….

  • @Aunt Sharon – You nailed it on all counts. It’s amazing how much they look alike and even more amazing how cute I was (and am)!!!

  • This photo always gets me. It is ridonkulous how much your Mom looks like Jenna and you look like Makenna.