My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #7. Hard Times at Rockland High

7.   Hard Times at Rockland High     (originally published February 1, 2006)

This one seems like a tall tale but it’s all true. I’ve tried to inject some humor – to really play up the Circus of the Absurd that I found myself a captive of during the swan song of my Senior Year in High School – but I’m serious when I say this series of events scarred me. A sorry set of misunderstandings colored my life at that crucial moment where I was beginning to shed some nasty insecurities and mature a bit. I make light now but back then, the fear was palpable. That said, I’m older now and can look back in amusement. I’ve chased those ghosts long ago and to this day, they no longer haunt. But I do sometimes shed a tear for that confused 17 year old who found himself way over his head for a crime he didn’t commit. Now, all of this sounds serious and I guarantee that this is not a serious read. You should have fun with this one, if you haven’t heard it before. I just thought I’d provide a little color commentary – all part of my master scheme to reveal all my truths – warts and all. Hey, this is the Internet. The most welcoming place on Earth.

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  • Boy…do I remember THAT! We were living in Weymouth at the time, and your poor Mom was beside herself. I even remember watching the news broadcast! The funniest part was that it was YOU!

    So when Colin and Aria are reading all of those wonderful family posts in the future about birthdays and Halloweens…they will discover the truth about good ol’ Dad!

    Maybe Aide Warren wasn’t so much of a stretch, after all…

  • I think the whole incident brought out the Aide Warren in me – like so many gamma rays on poor Dr. Banner.