My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #6. My Top 5 Summer Movie Memories

6.   My Top 5 Summer Movie Memories (originally published May 30, 2007)

If you check the archives, I have 11 entries in the My Favorite Things series covering such random topics as Top 5 Movie Endings, Flicks That Made This Guy Cry and Simpson’s episodes, among others. For this piece, I skewed it a bit. To kick off the 2007 Summer Movie Season, I thought I would focus on the memories that certain movies made and not necessarily the movies themselves. What this means is the movies that make the list may not be very good (I list The Last Starfighter for crissake) but those movies made a memory that will last a lifetime. My Top 5 run anywhere from the sentimental to the sublime to the silly. As the venerable Aunt Sharon put it – “You sure do run the gamut of emotions.” Out of a fairly boilerplate exercise came some of my most emotional disclosures. I actually choke up a bit on that last one (and wait until you see the image I led with).

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  • Well, I’ve re-read the comments and although another summer has come and gone since I posted my list…I’m sticking with it.

    Although I would suggest another post for the Ed-man..”Top 10 Movie Sequels that really Sucked”. I saw Indiana Jones this past summer and I’m still ranting about it!

  • @Aunt Sharon: That’s a great idea. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Suck was the greatest disappointment of my life – so we’re on the same page here.