My Top 10 Posts of All Time – #5. The Streak

5.   The Streak (originally published August 29, 2007)

I graduated from UMASS Amherst which means at some point I was naked – in public. This post goes into pain-staking detail to paint a picture of a campus on the edge of revolt – the start of the No Boxer Short Rebellion. Again, I pump up some of the details but as frequent readers to this site can attest (who were there as either eyewitnesses or participants), sometimes real life is stranger than fiction. My one regret is that we didn’t have camera phones back in my day. What I wouldn’t give to lead this post with a pixilated portfolio.

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  • Hmmmm….must have been on Labor Day Va-ka last year when this came out, because I might have added my own FSU adventure….with 2000 streakers and the State Police…but my family reads this blog…