The Road to 300

I’ve got to come clean. Last year, sometime around Christmas, I hit the official 200 Posts mark at this site. I started this gig in late January 2006 and I recall being sufficiently impressed that I had written 200 posts in less than two years. Intoxicated by my middling success, I offered up the following foolish boast:

“…I also managed to continue my exploration of The Ed Zone. I’ve crested 200+ articles in less than two years and have 300 in my sites by the time we meet again next year. I offer up this promise. If I hit that magic number, I’ll don a toga and do my best King Leonidas impression which I’ll insure is captured by my trusted web master (and best comrade Sean) on video and placed on this site for the whole world to see.”

Uh oh!!!

Well, here we are. This is #290. We are a mere 10 Posts away from that high water mark. And I intend to make good on my promise.

As you read this, I am scouring every costume shop, bath house and Linens n’ Things for the perfect toga and beard combo. The batteries are charged and the camera ready to etch a record of my fierce proclamation for all of cyberspace to enjoy.

Originally, I had planned to mark 300 with a simple one-off piece celebrating my Top 10 favorite entries of the last three years. It was through that research of the archives, that I found my declaration that prompted me to change course. Thus, I’ve devised a new plan.

I will run my Top 10 Favorite Posts (one a day) once we have crested the 300 mark. Call it a celebration of imminent carpal tunnel syndrome. To insure these later posts are considered new entries and not merely reprints, I’ll likely preface each one with a few lines about why that particular entry looms large for me.

Kicking everything off will be post #300. I’ve got a number of topics rattling around my brain pan which should help me fill the space between now and then. My guess is I should have 10 posts up within the next few weeks. The stage will then be set for a very special video presentation. If you’re marking your calendars – I would make sure you tune in on a regular basis starting in mid-October (just after Columbus Day), as I have a sneaking suspicion that will be the week the real magic happens.

Stay tuned!!!

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  • [cough] Cop out!

    Now, I know you could write 10 regular posts and make your quota on time instead of this reposting non-sense. So, let’s just call a spade a spade and declare that you simply cannot wait to don that beard and toga and shout out to the world that you are a Minuteman!

    Also, don’t take that “reposting non-sense” the wrong way. I still want to know what your favorite 10 posts are, just not as a mechanism to help you run around in pristine 300 thread-count Spartan cotton.

  • I had planned on running a Top 10 list all along. By spreadingt them out, this gives me the chance to make this an event. Besides, I’ve written new stuff for every single one of them – making them new posts. I have a number of new readers who weren’t around in the early days (or for every post) and this gives me a chance to highlight those pieces. I’ve found that in the past, when I do the Top 10 lists, some readers can’t work their way around hyperlinks. So I’d rather place the whole article up there for them. It also allows new Comments to be added.

    When you near 300 (or even 30) you can choose to celebrate it any way you like. : )

  • I have also been re-reading some of the archival entries, and I think we will match on several. However, I will not be so bold as to follow up that hunch with…” or else I will wear a toga and beard for all the world to see…” I anxiously await with my copy and paste skills… As it is, I am 0-1, having missed the significance of Numero Uno, or maybe it was the hair that threw me.

    And you’re not really gonna give this up are you?

  • @Aunt Sharon – This one was defintely the trick pick of the list – which is why I slotted it at #10. Its main significance is being the first true post. The rest that follow all fall into the true list of personal faves. That said – I tried to mix it up a bit (I wanted an equal amount of humorous and sentimental pieces so I didn’t skew too far in either direction).

    I think a cool thing to do would be to use the Comments Section of the 300th post (featuring the magic of Full Motion Video) to post your Top 10 (as well as anyone else out there).

    As for giving it up – I honestly thought about it for a moment. But then, we learned our beloved pup Chatham would require a 3-week long stint of radiation treatment to eradicate cancerous cells near where she had the Mast Cell tumor excised (back leg) – and we saw the price tag that comes with that – meaning, I better start looking for that part-time job ASAP.

    And then I got punched in the face for real (at full speed) on a missed cue in Cuckoo’s Nest rehearsals (last Thursday).

    And then I got the inane ramblings of Yo Gabba Gabba stuck in my craw (Google Video – ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ – if you want to share in my haunting).

    And so I realized – I’ve got too many things on my brain meaning the show must go on. And yes, I will make some ludicrous boast for 400.

  • THANK YOU!!!!!!

    Keep me posted on Chatham, our 2 year old,Max, had 3 mast cell tumors removed a year ago. I spend a lot of time running my hands all over him looking for a new one ( since they were found on the inside of his upper thigh). He seems to enjoy it….

    And I was already hit with “Yo Gabba Gabba”, my advice on that is to go see “Mamma Mia”, and if anyone can tell me how to get ” Dancing Queen” out of my head, it would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • Perhaps I didn’t express my thought clearly enough because I was too caught up in trying to pull off humor. At least I laughed to myself and was off to a happy morning until you delivered the unhappy news about Chats via e-mails.

    I like the idea of posting your Top 10 along with your thoughts on why they make the cut. I think it would be better served to start with post 301 instead. And, in my own line of thinking, each is simply an aside with those thoughts and end with a link to the post in question. You could reopen comments on them too. As for teaching your readers how to click blue links to do the actual reading, I don’t know. You can bring the horse to water, but…

    But… this isn’t my blog and you can do things how you like as long as you laugh at my jokes. Laugh dammit! :mrgreen:

    As for comparing post totals, let’s set the record straight… I am actually beating you by five in total number right now. You stand at 332 and I have 337. Now, I have a lot more asides — 165 to 42 — than you, so I am 28 shy of 200. Of course, that number gets smaller if I took all my Lost comments here and put those in those asides to make posts… if that makes any sense. That said, and in all serious praise, I am not the talented and dedicated writer that you are, I only point it out to win something in this “dissargument.” (I am a few months behind you in publishing to the internets too.)

    Oh, and you can never quit this. I won’t allow it. I’ll start posting things under your name that are so horribly written that you’d be forced to come back and claim your throne. It is named The Ed Zone.

    (I still think you are doing this now instead of at 301 so you can run around in a sheet sooner.)

  • All right OB1 – you win this battle but I’ll win the war. It might take years. Decades even. I might have passed on and resigned to lead an army of the dead to exact vengeance and cull forth the victory I so richly deserve, but in the end, I will win.

    So here goes.

    I’ve altered this topic – removing #10. This still stands as Post 289 as there is a significant amount of content and it serves as an announcement for my forthcoming tomfoolery.

    I will fill the next 10 posts with proper material. Hell – I’ve got a few stories to share, a game review or two to archive and some Cuckoo’s announcements, so I’ll get to the magic # in no time. Probably by mid October as originally anticipated.

    Post #300 will in fact be me in toga and beard pulling off my Leonidis. But if you think I relish the thought, you’re only half right. The exhibitionist in me can’t wait to make a fool out of myself. The 36 year old dude who should exercise way more often than he does isn’t entirely too thrilled about the forthcoming “I’d Like to tap that Keg” comments that are due to spew once the Internets get a gander of my crushed six-pack.

    Then Posts 301 – 310 (My Top 10 List) will run one per day with links to the old articles. I’ll need you to turn Comments back on at that time.

    Then Post 311 will likely fall just after Cuckoo’s Nest concludes, where I will probably share some stories from behind the curtain.

    Then we’ll segueway into mid-Fall meaning I have to bust out the official rule sheet for this year’s version of Extreme Yankee Swap Cage Fighting – Home Edition vol II – just in time for the annual Christmas Party – pegged for Saturday December 6th (so mark that calendar!!!) This year it’s Adults Only.

    Then maybe – just maybe – I’ll finally launch the next thrilling installment of the Mii Match game. Of course, we’ll do the holiday pop-culture trivia game as well.

    Whew… that ought to do it.

  • And if I were this “talented and dedicated writer” that you so kindly described… would I be jabbering away on some remote outpost of the Wild Wild Web for a small audience of friends, family and Chris Hansen interviewees or would I actually be getting paid for these supposed talents?

    Nope – I’m afraid I’m just another monkey with a typewriter. Sure, throw a thousand of me in a room and maybe you’ll get Gone with the Wind but for now it’s just me. What I wouldn’t give for another monkey named Ed – at least to pick the bugs out of my hair.

    (Yeah, yeah, yeah – what hair??? – beat y’all to it.)

  • You may not get paid in dollars here, but you do in praise from your commentors, those that actually take the time to leave one, and feedback like that from Aunt Sharon about your Grandfather still enjoying your work. So, yeah, you get paid. Plus, your writing for Avault pays you in games, which aren’t always what you’d play, but the trade-in value towards those that you do is just as good as cash.

    As far as winning goes, it wasn’t exactly my intention that you change course, but I am glad you are. This one seems to make more sense to me. That said, hopefully other readers won’t hate on me for changing your hand. They’ll have to wait a wee bit longer for that Top 10, but who knows, maybe one of those Next 10 makes it in that list some day.

    Of course you have my help in whatever you need here in these pages, so turning comments back on? Check! (You just have to tell me which posts so I can do it ahead of time.)

    As for the toga, I’m sure once you are in it, all that falls away, hopefully just not the toga. It will bring back memories of streaking the quad and nightswimming… all good ones to be sure.

  • @Ed – I’m not sure that you should be focused on the fact that you HAVEN’T written TGA Novel yet. Who has? Do you reeeaaaallly want to be David Wroblewski? Even if it does have dogs in it, I’m probably maybe not going to read it, I don’t care that it took him a decade to write it! If you want to make financial score, ask Colin and Aria for an idea and run with that. I’m pretty sure a grown-up didn’t come up with “Captain Underpants”…

    Truthfully, I tend to think of you as an essayist, a commentator on life as he sees it with a brilliant way with words, injecting the human factors we all recognize with enough pop culture to be appealing. Dave Barry is getting old, and it shows. If you haven’t already, gather up some of these gems and start soliciting them as columns in newspapers/magazines. I’m not working right now, I would be happy to! Unlike Egon,I don’t believe that print is dead.

    Meanwhile, I’ll just keep watching this space.

  • I’ll write more later – but I had to seize on this quote:

    “Unlike Egon,I don’t believe that print is dead.”

    I LOVE the fact that he said that over 24 years ago!!! Waaaaayyyyyyy before Al Gore invented the Internet (which subsequently blew a hole through the Ozone layer).

  • Aunt Sharon – You are soooo right about writing TGA being way overrated – although that big orange O emblazoned on the book jacket does buy a big TV. That said, I’m not sure I have it in me. Character development has always been a trouble spot for me (just take a gander at the 3 uncompleted screenplays I have kicking around). I like the idea of submitting some stuff around to see if someone is looking for a snarky slice of life. I should definitely get on that.

    The one thing I can do, unequivocably, is knock these things out rather quickly. The tricky part is just getting the idea and the first sentence. After that – I’m on auto-pilot and I can usually bang out a post in under an hour. So, the good news is I don’t have to quit my day job which given recent events here at the Humphries homestead, is probably the best recourse.

    Blogs are heating up big time. I buy the paper every day and read tons of magazines but I realize that we’re an anomaly. Print isn’t dead but online media is gaining strength. I guess it’s good to have a foothold where the gold may be buried. The thing is – this can be a vast wasteland so you have to make sure you can be heard.

    As for Captain Underpants – come post 300, I wouldn’t be so sure that an adult couldn’t dream him up. : )

  • As for comparing post totals, let’s set the record straight… I am actually beating you by five in total number right now.

    All right OB1 – you win this battle but I’ll win the war. It might take years. Decades even. I might have passed on and resigned to lead an army of the dead to exact vengeance and cull forth the victory I so richly deserve, but in the end, I will win.

    Pffft…I started PGPoA on December 1, 2007 and I’m just 3 posts away from 300. I wasn’t gonna say nothin’ about it…but then I just did.

    That said, most of my posts have been about poseable pieces of plastic and not, y’know, real life, so I’ll grant you that edge, Ed.

    Congrats on the upcoming 300, and don’t worry about that novel you haven’t gotten around to writing–I’ve got five or ten I haven’t gotten around to writing, so really, you’re ahead of the game.

    Incidentally, my problem is the exact opposite–I’m good at character development and dialogue, but I tend to lose track of/interest in my plots.

  • Hey–I got to thinking about that novel neither of us have gotten around to. What would you say to a little wager regarding this year’s National Novel Writing Month…? First one to 30,000 words, mayhaps?

    Let me know if you’re interested, and we can work out the terms right here…

  • @Poe – What month is it? If it’s October – I’ve got to pass. Between the play and the Playoffs, I just won’t have the time.

    But November – maybe???

  • I suppose the thing I forgot to mention in my last post, that Aunt Sharon just reminded me of, was that time and again you have pointed out that this place is where you record the history of Clan Humphries. For that reason alone, you can never quit and the big payoff comes when Aria and Colin are old enough to dive into the archives. Hopefully also old enough to ignore your naughty $#^@#%$#@ words too… 😉

  • I’d say – for the most part – I’ve kept this a fairly family friendly – especially knowing how I can talk when I’m out with friends and the John Harvard’s Harvest Spice is flowing like water.

    It is funny how I tout my family friendliness though and then feel as if I can say anything so long as I mask it with a few symbols. Am I right or am I right, muthaf@#ker?!?!?

    It’s sort of the equivalent of my ice cream sandwich tactic with Andi. She’ll tell you that I rarely swear in her presence but when I feel the need to unload, I jam an ice-cream sandwich in my mouth and absolutely go to town. It’s funny becuase it’s slightly muffled (slightly GROSS too) yet you can pretty much interpret every last f@$king word out of this @$$hole$ mouth. To be honest, I do it simply because it makes her laugh (and I love ice cream sandwiches – so really, any excuse).

    See, this is an educational site too.

  • Oh – and what are my kid’s going to learn about their family history from this site. That their Dad could take any mundane event and jack it up with 50,000 cc’s of half-truths, embellishment and flat out lies.

    20 years from now The Ed Zone is going to be harder than the Dead Sea Scrolls to decipher.

    “What the hell was a Yo Gabba Gabba?”

  • What you’ve got here, Ed, is a combination digital photo album/scrapbook/memoir. It’s pretty awesome.

    I do wonder, though, how long our respective blogs will last. Will you be adding posts to the Ed Zone at 50? Will I be blogging about toys at 45? Will Sean be neglecting his blog at 55?

    BTW, the new logo rocks.

  • @Poe – “Will you be adding posts to the Ed Zone at 50?” – C’mon, that only 4 years from now.

    I think you nailed the theme right on the head and you guys are all correct. One of the reasons I keep plugging away at this is I can just picture revisiting it down the road. Andi and I often bemoan the fact that there doesn’t seem to be many surviving pics from when we were kids. Yet, our children (and family) have been documented like mad – with massive volumes of digital pics chronicling their existence. Andi has been hard at work on some really creative scrapbooks while I have done my part on this site. At the very least, it should make for an interesting read for Colin and Aria and anyone else that may stumble along.

    What new logo?

  • I am guessing it is the site logo (if yes, then thanks!) or your gravatar. Show’s how often he visits! 😉

    As for the future of blogging, who knows, but at least he’s got some stories in here for them to read about their adventures as kids. You know, we all forget over time, especially after plying yourself with so many beers… hahaha.

    And, I am neglecting the work I must do for Poe by posting on mine and commenting so much here. He’s just anxious about October. No worries man, it will get done. I have a good deadline to meet and if the PGPoA faithful don’t like it, I am going to their homes to steal their toys and sell them on eBay for the Chats Treatment Fund.

  • Huh? I’m not worried about PGPoA–I know you’ll get it done, ’cause otherwise the nice man with the CheyTac Intervention M-200 I have watching your house will get a phone call.

    I kid–you always get the job done and on time, and for free, so for me to complain would put me in the running for the Biggest Douchebag Ever (ignore that, future Colin and Aria!)

    Now you’ve got me thinking I should do something for my upcoming 300th post, even if it’s just a photo of Deathstroke with a birthday cake…