The Hills Are Alive

Note: I originally published this back in May. This past weekend, we thrilled to the performance and I have a piece coming soon that details my reactions. Check back in a day or so for that.

One thing that I love today… the news that my beautiful wife Andi has landed the lead role in The Sound of Music.

As many of you know, I married up. My wife, Andi, is a lovely songbird who took a chance on this hideous troll. Unlike most trolls, I have not tried to cage her – instead enjoying the great symphony she adds to our lives.

OK – that’s all a little too much exaggeration. I’m no troll and she’s damned lucky to have found ME!!! And just as lucky as she is with me, so am I with her. What I am trying to say is we both deserve each other and we’re fortunate to have found our paths cross all those years ago.

That said, there aren’t words enough to describe how wonderful her voice is. Andi got her degree in vocal performance at Bridgewater State College in 1995 and followed that up by pursuing a Master’s Program at the University of Rhode Island and later UMASS Lowell which she completed in 1999.

Through the years she has sung her songs across the Globe – from Venezuela to Red Square in Moscow to several feet away from Pope John II at the Vatican and right back home again. During her collegiate career, her voice joined the chorus of many musical theater offerings and post-graduation, she joined the esteemed ensemble at Tanglewood in Western Massachusetts as well as providing vocals for the Boston Pops Annual Holiday extravaganza.

Since we’ve settled down and started our family, Andi has kept the pipes in practice through a number of paying (!!!) gigs. For several years, she was the Soprano Section Leader at St. Ignatius on the Boston College campus. Late last year, she made the transition to St. Joseph’s in Charlton, MA where she continues the same job albeit closer to home (and in this day of Road Warrior level gas prices – not a moment too soon). In addition to her regular recurring jobs, Andi has been called upon to add her voice as soundtrack to a number of weddings and funerals at BC and in the local area.

Anyway, all of this is preamble to Andi’s latest accomplishment. Earlier this year she got wind that the Gateway Players – a regional community theater group – was planning to stage a performance of The Sound of Music – one of Andi’s favorite musicals. She made it her goal to stay in touch with the show planning and to audition for the lead role of Maria, as made famous by Julie Andrews.

Two weeks ago today, Andi attended the audition. A number of people made it out to lobby for all of the major roles and Andi felt there was sizeable competition for the main role. Less than 12 hours later she got the call.

She had the part.

Rehearsals have started in earnest (3 times weekly) for the three performances in mid-August. It’s going to be a busy summer for her… for us… but an exciting one. And at the end of it all, Andi will take the stage in the role she was born to play.

I’ve been awestruck by her talent since the day I met her and each day she continues to surprise me. This role is her latest crowning accomplishment and I for one, can’t wait to sit front and center and let her drift me away to those famous hills, alive with the sound of music.

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  • You are certainly no troll and I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband! Thank you for letting me live my dreams. Being a mom, wife and a singer is really all I could ever want.

  • Congratulations!! My mid-August calender is clear right now, so…do you have the exact dates of the performance?

  • Performances are as follows:

    Friday August 15th at 7:30 p.m.
    Saturday August 16th at 7:30 p.m.
    Sunday August 17th at 2:00 p.m.

    Also – for anyone interested – I’ve just landed the lead role as all 4 Dreamgirls. More to come.

  • Looks good! We will be fresh from our trip to CA to formalize the new Clarke’s. Will it be filmed and available for purchase? I know Nana would love to see it!

    And, Ed, I knew you were the real talent in the fam! So are you telling us we’re gonna love you????