Dumb White Guy Part 4

There’s been a startling new development. We have a plot!!!

Today’s episode begins with a little montage – checking in with our three amigos and laying bare the possibilities that any one of them could be the Turner Cove College Killer (we have seen a murder right??? Maybe that was No Country for Old Men – sometimes I get these flicks confused).

Anyway, the montage ends with the long awaited arrival of our own Javier Bardem, Joe Dolat – playing Roma Scarpetti, Skip’s new roommate.

I have embedded a little Easter Egg in here for those souls unfortunate to have seen this flick in its original, raw state. When we cut to the static image of a newspaper (reporting the death of that Smith College student), there’s a pic of Jar Jar Binks under the headline – “Purists Argue – Special Editions Suck”. This is in reference to my buddy Justin’s claim that he liked the original cut of this flick better before my tinkering. That’s kind of like choosing waterboarding over electric shock. There’s really no upside.

Finally, the episode ends with a battle royale among the quartet – meaning we finally get some shocking violence as well. In addition, the script takes a turn for the blue, marking The Ed Zone’s first official profanity.

That’s right, I’m closing in on my 300th post and in the 2 & 1/2 years that I’ve been running this site, I have avoided dropping the f-bomb. Scour the archives. You’ll be hard pressed to find anything that isn’t commonly heard on prime time TV – meaning there’s plenty of bitch and ass out there, but none of the hard stuff.

It was nice little family friendly site I had running here, until that punk ass kid Humphries had to show up and toss it all in the gutter.

Oh well, enjoy the show.