Dumb White Guy Part 3

So here we are, midway through The Ed Zone’s first official miniseries, and the only thing late on arrival is the plot. Fear not, faithful viewers, it’s coming. Maybe not in today’s installment but it’s definitely out there. In fact, I think Part 4 introduces the shady character, Roma Scarpetti (Joe Dolat) who creeps onto campus just around the time the strange happenings start to ramp up. And then – you are in for a bevy of twists and turns bested only by Mad Libs.

In today’s installment, it appears the boys and I are marking time for Joe’s arrival. The setting of the scene is a college classroom (of which Juice, Chaz and Skip are the only attendees – and yes, that would include the teacher – when your budget barely covers the cost of Rich’s camisole, you learn to make some tough cuts). It’s here in the classroom that we get a closer look into Skip’s head and another gander at my finely coiffed cabeza (Yes, I speak Franglish).

Astute viewers may have noticed some jostling of the camera from time to time (NYPD Blue stole the shaky cam from us but we cribbed from Mama’s Family so it’s all good). Anyway, this was due to the fact that the camera’s Pause button was completely unreliable. Often times, if we paused or stopped the footage, when we resumed Recording, the tape would back up a few seconds, thereby erasing our precious footage. To get around this and save us some time in the editing bay, we would simply hand the camera off from one person to the next (often times when cutting back-and-forth from a conversation between two of us). This led to a lot of dead air and uncomfortable pauses. Fortunately, technology caught up with us and I’ve been able to trim some of the fat, as it were. I can’t do anything about the content but at least I can make it run faster.

Well, last episode I teased a big shower scene. I’ll let you know that the fine, feminine pipes (and gams) were actually on loan from our master thespian Justin – who pulled an Eddie Murphy and essayed multiple roles in the flick. To get around Justin’s Amazonian Jungle of leg hair (where’s planetary deforestation when you need it?), we credited his secondary role as Smith College Murder Victim.

So what’s the big surprise for today? How ‘bout this? Today’s episode ends on a strip tease with yours truly doing the honors. Yes, the question Boxers Or Briefs (or neither) is answered.