Mother’s Day

What kid hasn’t heard the following when pestering their Mom or Dad on their respective holidays of why there isn’t a “Kid’s Day”?

“Every day is Kid’s Day!!!” comes the same sing-songy response. Not that I ever blitzkrieged my own precious Mom on her well-deserved day. But my sisters? Yeah, I’m quite certain I spied them lobbying for their own festive occasion from time-to-time.

Well, the world has got it all wrong. Every day is Mother’s Day. At least – it damn well should be.

Over the last two months, I’ve had the occasion to spend a couple of weeks at home. The first time was in March as I recuperated from surgery. The second was just this past week as I sliced a wedge of my vacation pie in order to get some of those nagging home repairs and spring cleaning done around the homestead. On both occasions, I marveled at the Herculean effort put forth by my wife in running our household and raising our children.

With two children, ages 5 and 3, we’re just now making the segue way from bringing the children along on our household chores and errands to having to make room on the calendar for the shear number of activities that our offspring have added to the social syllabus. As if things weren’t busy enough – swimming, soccer and gymnastics have all jockeyed for position (and to the delight of this doting Dad) tee-ball is merely a year away.

To see Andi keep our home together while ferrying the kids to and from their activities, Colin’s 4-day a week preschool stint, and play groups with their growing circles of friends while keeping up with trips to the grocery store, the recycling station, the post office and all the other household chores that dictate your time and attention – all the while making the bill payments, preparing the meals, dressing the kids, reinforcing the school lessons that Colin is learning, arts and crafts projects, outdoor play, tending after our other two ‘kids’ Abby and Chatham (dogs in case we are just now getting acquainted) and… man, the beat just goes on. And somehow she pulls it all together and still has a smile on her face when I walk in the door.

How does she do it?

I know that it’s cliché – that it’s the same struggle that so many other women who have chosen to stay home with the kids deal with on a daily basis – but that’s what clichés are – oft-told truths. And truth be told, my wife is a wonder woman. Words alone can’t express how grateful and prideful and thankful I am to be married to such a wonderful woman who has made such great sacrifices for the betterment of our family.

As if the rigors of her day weren’t trying enough, Andi also finds time to continue the pursuit of her number one passion – her singing. She currently works as a Soprano Leader at St. Joseph’s Church in Charlton, MA where her voice soars to the rafters and beyond twice weekly – a grand gift to the parishioners. Through her association with the church (as well as her long stint at St. Ignatius on the Boston College Campus in Chestnut Hill) she has built a pretty extensive resume that has found her selected as the wedding singer for a number of weddings over the last few seasons. This year alone, she is staring down 9 engagements with many more to follow. She has also been called upon – often without much notice – to apply her voice as soundtrack to a number of funeral services. And each time she sings, she’s received bonus payment above her standard appearance fee in the form of praise and compliment by truly grateful family members – their final thoughts and prayers for loved ones set adrift on the wings of Andi’s heavenly voice.

It’s awe-inspiring in more ways than one. That she can keep that passion ignited and pursue her dreams all the while building the dream of family is a marvel and symbolic of the great strength she brings forth each and every day.

My wife is a very special woman. She deserves more than just one day in her honor. She deserves an entire calendar full.

She is a doting Daughter.
She is a wonderful Wife.
She is a magnificent Mom.

Andi – on this day – on your day… I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. Though we celebrate you today, may we express our appreciation and gratitude and love and adoration for all that you do for us each and every day.

With Love, Always!!!

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  • Thank you, my doting husband. I could not do it without your love, help and hard work too.

  • well put Ed!!! That was beautiful!!! Andi you ARE such an amazing women. I would like to add a good friend to have to her list of accomplishments!!!