In Ed’s Head – The Dark Knight Posters

One Thing I Love Today… the myriad of posters cropping up for this summer’s Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight.

I have no doubt that The Dark Knight will be an even bigger hit than 2005’s Batman Begins. While that film was a success, it didn’t pull in nearly the same amount of bank that box-office behemoths like Spider-Man and the Pirates flicks have. Begins had to overcome the groundswell of negative perception heaped upon this once golden series as a direct result of Joel Schumacher’s camping up of our Caped Crusader after such train wrecks as Batman Forever and Batman & Robin.

So, Begins started modestly but it did continue to perform through that summer and finally raked in about $175 million in domestic ticket sales. That’s a good figure but relatively modest for a big summer tent pole film.

In the years since, Begins found its footing (and fans) on DVD – following a similar arc as the woefully underappreciated (and underperforming) The Shawshank Redemption which went on to beloved status once viewers finally discovered the flick at Blockbuster. You’d be hard pressed to find someone hating on Shawshank – and equally so, find someone who didn’t groove to Chris Nolan’s dark take on the Batman mythos – the closest anyone has come to realizing the character as an avenging detective.

Over the last few months, a number of posters have been showing up on the web advertising The Dark Knight. Each has carried a creepy cool vibe that expertly sells this flick as a darker follow-up to its predecessor – bringing the movie series closer in spirit to its source material.

This is my number one most anticipated movie this summer and each one of these sneak peeks has me jonesing more and more for the thing. July can’t come soon enough.

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  • I haven’t wanted to pick up a movie poster in a long time, but this last one with the flaming logo has me seriously considering it.