Colin at Five

Has it really been half a decade since Andi and I took the Nestea plunge into parenthood?

Today, my little man Colin, turns 5 years old. The Cinco de Mayo nino was born on May 5, 2003. It’s true what they say – you remember every waking moment of that day – and of course, every moment of that first day is a waking one as there is no sleep to be mined then (or in the days to follow). Of course, before pure exhaustion infiltrated our lives, that first day was most special as anticipation morphed into introduction and our former bond of two blossomed immediately into a full-fledged family.

Five years ago today.

Now we sit on the precipice of Kindergarten. Colin is already registered and looking forward to the segueway from his 2.5 hour stint at preschool to the full day rigors of full-on school. Of course, at this age, school is a treat so he is looking ahead to the Fall with a gleam in his eye.

As most of you know, my children Colin and Aria are both May babies. Colin joined us at the top of the month and Aria arrived on her exact due date, May 31st. Therefore, May is a time of celebration in these parts as we spread the tributes and parties throughout the month.

Tonight we’re bringing Colin to Bugaboo Creek at his request so he can have ‘Happy Birthday’ bellowed at him by a stuffed and mounted animatronic moose head. Then in two weeks we have the family birthday party with their vast menagerie of grandparents (due to divorces and marriages among all parties, my children have a grand total of eight direct grandparents meaning many, many presents!!!). The week following, we host a party of their peers as their friends come together to toast the kids.

Anyway, Colin is a true delight. His inquisitive brain is always seeking out the mysteries of this world (just yesterday he handed me a magnet and we went on a ‘metal hunt’ looking to find all of the metallic properties within our homestead – who knew I had a metal plate inserted in my head during my recent septoplasty).

This morning we used his flexible building materials to build a half-scale helicopter in the playroom and then he proceeded to tell me that I couldn’t be the pilot because I didn’t have a helicopter license. (Where do they come up with this stuff?) Anyway, apparently he had enough hours logged in simulator as he promptly took the controls and flew us off to Florida to get away from the doom and gloom of another rainy May day. At last check, the helicopter has been torn asunder and lays in about 5 pieces on the playroom floor so something tells me we hit a little turbulence somewhere between the Dining Room and the Okefenokee.

When I look back upon the last five years I marvel at the leaps and bound my little boy has taken. As he sits at the precipice of preschool graduation, I get a little choked up. This time flies a little too swifty and cruely. Sure, the early years are some of the hardest… but they are also some of the most rewarding. Hard work reaps major benefits. Each and every day that our little boy rises to shine a light in our lives, Andi and I realize just how good we’ve got it. Today may be his birthday but every day is a bountiful gift for us.

So wherever you are today, raise your glass of OJ or tip back a Corona (he’ll be haunted by Cinco De Mayo his whole life and probably rushed by every Frat on Earth) and grant him a wish.

Happy Birthday, Colin Edward.

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  • Hahaha… I’m not a animatronic moose, but Happy Birthday Colin. The time sure does fly (and apparently so does he)!

  • Aw…another sweet post!
    Happy Birthday to Colin! The Big 5 is actually the transitional age of playground politics. Four still seems a little baby-ish, but 5! The world opens up in ways you can’t imagine with school and new friends ( the stuff you CAN imagine holds off for another decade!). I always enjoyed seeing the world through Jason and Jessi’s eyes, keeps you grounded sometimes, other times it let me know how intellectually and fashion-challenged I was to them! These are good years, and it’s so much fun to watch you enjoy every minute of it.

    And Bugaboo Creek CREEPS me out! God bless ya’ for going!!

  • @Aunt Sharon – All it took was that moose head to jarringly come to life and he was sold on the place. Actually, North Conway’s Muddy Moose kicked the moose head hunt off a few years back when Colin spied the one that hung over the bar and loudly proclaimed – “That moose got stuck.”

    Agreed on the CREEPY factor of Bugaboo. Something about sitting there, downing their equivalent of an Awesome Blossom while a stuffed vulture perches overhead, lifelessly eyeballing my carrion, conjures up a few too many unpleasant Psycho flashbacks.

    Oh well, at least it’s not that germ haven Chuckie Cheese. I’ll take stuffed birds over full-blown bird flu any day of the week.

  • Five years ago I sat and waited for the birth of another beautiful grandchild. You named him Colin. He is a sweet and wonderful child who never ceases to amaze me with his bright questions. Such a happy little boy. Eddie and Andi, Colin is a reflection of all your love and care. And Donnie and I will be joining you May 18th for the celebration of his and Aria’s birthdays. We can’t wait.All my love,Mom (Nana Claudette)

  • Happy 5, Colin! We wish you continued joy and learning as your parents continue to pour themselves in to you. A happy family is one of God’s best gifts…enjoy yours!