I’m So Lost – Week 4

Whew. Made it to the end. Next up I’m going to tackle a 300 page dissertation of Gossip Girl. Anyone know what channel it’s on? By anyone, I mean Sean.

The good news with this post is we are now days away from Lost’s triumphant return. Lost’s return marks the beginning of May Sweeps which means Summer is right around the corner. I an ready for some warm weather, stat. I’ve got to get out of this house and away from the PC and TV – get some UV.

So far, we’ve tackled the Smoke Monster, the Numbers, Jacob, the Hatches, the Orientation Tapes, Charles Widemore/Alvar Hanso, The Island’s Healing Powers, Time Anomalies and the mysterious Walt. Today I offer up the three final mysteries.

On with the show.

3.     The Village People


1.   Last season’s Ben flashback set the table nicely in regards to the warring factions on this Island. We have our Surviviors. We met the Tailies (who are all dead now). Then we saw the DHARMA Initiative in action – with Ben’s Dad offered a job to toil for them as Roger Workman – meaning Ben lied when he said he had been on the island his entire life.

2.   Added to the mix were the Island Natives who were at war with the DHARMA Initiative. In one pivotal scene, young Ben came across Richard Alpert in the jungle. Richard looked the same age as we know him to be in the present – or pretty close to that age. With Ben easily in his 40’s, this flashback had to have taken place about 30 years ago. Alpert’s peculiar aging lends more evidence to the theory that either time flows much slowly on the island or the island has unique healing abilities – meaning the march of time and its ravages on a normal human body are slowed. (One perk to this 4-part series has been the ability to see how densely woven these mysteries are into one unifying mosaic. There is a lot of overlap with the various mysteries complimenting each other.)

3.   One of the popular theories that I have seen is that The Others are the descendants of the Black Rock crew – or at least some of them are – citing the archaic clothing that Alpert was wearing when he first encountered Ben.

4.   My feeling is that it may be a mixture of the two – people who have crashed on the island and never left mixed with indigenous people to the island.

5.   Which leads to…

2.     Land of the Lost


1.   I know it’s odd that I keyed in on an image that has seen approximately 4 seconds of screen time in as many seasons but I think this is key to understanding the mystery above.
On the Second Season finale, Sayid, Jin and Sun spied the 4-Toed statue leg from offshore (while they were aboard Desmond’s sailboat).  As Sayid remarked, “I don’t know what bothers me more – that there is a statue or that it only has four toes.”

2.   The status itself was reminiscent of the Greek Colossus of Rhodes – with that aged marble look to it. All we saw was a leg and the leg itself was very large.

3.   My feeling is that this statue is a remnant of a prior civilization on the island – perhaps one where the people have four toes.

4.   I think the true ‘Others’ on this island are made up of people from the original inhabitants of the island, survivors of the Black Rock and perhaps survivors of other crashes over the years – as well as Ben, who himself, is a survivor of The Purge.

5.   It’s this group that serves as stewards of the island, guarding it against the outsiders.

6.   I also think that Jacob represents their God which explains why Ben would gain such a prominent role in the Others’ hierarchy.

7.   And here comes my outlandish theory. What if Ben is a false prophet. What if he has tricked The Others into believing that he communes with Jacob but in fact, he does not. Then, when Locke arrives and actually sees (and hears) Jacob – Ben is threatened by Locke’s power – that Locke is the true conduit through which Jacob will deliver his message and thus Ben tries to eliminate him. Of course, he is unsuccessful as The Island has mysterious ways and ensures that Ben does not succumb to his gut shot.

8.   Which leads to… 

1.     Fantasy Island


1.   So we’ve been through all the mysteries – or at least the key elements – and what we have is the island itself. What is it? Where is it? And what does it want?

2.   My personal feeling – I believe the island is a real tangible location on Earth (none of this alternate dimension hokum for me).

3.   I believe it is hard to find because there are properties (electromagnetic) that play havoc with instrumentation – much like the theories around the Bermuda Triangle.

4.   I believe it does possess unique healing abilities tied into those energies.

5.   I believe man has tried to harness those in the past (the DHARMA Initiative) and has been thwarted. I believe mankind will try to harness those properties again in the future (Widemore) and there are forces in place (The Others) to prevent that.

6.   Basically, I believe that this is Pandora’s Box. That harnessing that power – a great, misunderstood power – will only result in bad tidings for the planet. That it is meant for the island and the island alone. An equilibrium needs to be kept or else everything ends. The Others understand this and are appointed the guardians of the gate. Again, think back to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. The Holy Grail is protected for all time. The Others are that Crusades’ Knight – determined to keep the Island’s power in check.

7.   I believe The Island’s powers are mysterious and we may never know the whole of it. Its influence is great in that it can affect things that happen off island. I believe all of these effects are for self-survival.

8.   Where the time issues come into play is in the discussion of destiny. I believe these people brought to this island have a role to play that the Island (as an entity) is aware of. Even if they deviate from their destiny, The Island applies course correction to get them back on target, Hence, Michael’s gun won’t go off. Hurley has ghostly visitations. Jack can’t jump.

9.   And whether they like it or not, Jack and company will make it back to that Island to finish their work.

And with that I am spent. See you later this week when we spy ‘The Shape of Things to Come.’

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