I’m So Lost – Week 3

I don’t know why I cook these mini-series up. Sometimes I think I bite off more than I can chew. Trying to sum up a series, spanning 4 seasons thus far and spawning infinite mysteries, all to boil it down to 4 posts is asinine. Plus, there’s always that pesky Writer’s Block sneaking around my block, shaking its fist and threatening to steal all my valuable thoughts. If only I could just quit the Nine-to-Five and set to work wordsmithing then I wouldn’t feel like my brain was straining to just shut itself down at the end of each day.

Oh well, I got myself into this mess. I might as well work my way through. Hopefully you guys are grooving on this little exercise aimed at keeping us Lost obsessed as we weather this brief hiatus.

So far, we’ve tackled the Smoke Monster, the Numbers, Jacob, the Hatches, the Orientation Tapes and Charles Widemore/Alvar Hanso. Today I offer up three more mysteries.

On with the show.

6.     The Fountain of Youth

1.   Or more specifically, the Island’s powers of healing.

2.   Early this year, in this season of answers, we got a pretty good theory, from our resident con man Ben, for why Charles Widemore is so hell bent on scoring passage to the Island. With echoes to John Hammond’s plans for Isla Nublar, Ben interrogated Locke “You were in a wheel chair before you came to this island. Now you can walk. How much do you think people would pay for that kind of power?” Sure, Hammond was trading in dinosaurs and Widemore has his eyes on a biomedical prize, but the end result is the same – mountains of cash.

3.   So who has been healed thus far. Obviously Locke (some would say twice – as he dropped his paralysis and also recovered swiftly from his gunshot wound.) Then there’s Rose, who was cancer stricken before crashing and now finds herself cancer free (more on her in a second). And, there’s speculation that the Island allowed Jin’s boys to swim free, when it had appeared that they were permanently land-locked.

4.   We know from Rose’s flashback, that she traveled to Australia to seek out a mystical healer who had set his camp at the base of a strange rock formation that supposedly granted healing powers. He was unable to help her but he explained that there were other well-springs of healing energy on the Earth and that not all worked on everyone. He advised that she seek out the right one for her. As it would appear, all it took was a plane crash.

5.   Now, here’s the tricky thing with the Healing Powers. They don’t seem to work on everyone. After all, Shannon still suffered from asthma. There have been numerous deaths that nobody has walked away from. And, of course, we all know what happens to pregnant women on the island.

6.   My theory – the island rewards those who have belief in it or those that are pure of heart – that are decent. That would explain Rose. That would explain Locke (who is now the Island’s doting foot soldier). As for Jin, the only thing I can tie to him is that he is one of the few characters actually finding redemption on the island, coming to terms with his past self and really making himself a better person (which was one of the reasons for that dual flashback a few weeks back – to remind us what a heel he once was and to see how far he has come since).

7.   So I have a feeling that even if Widemore found this island, it may not work the way he intends. Much like the Grail scene at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the greedy often choose poorly.

5.     A Stitch in Time

1.   The time issues have really risen to the forefront over the past two seasons – starting with Desmond’s release of the pent up energy in The Swan.

2.   As we saw last season, that event sent Desmond through time – where he encountered that mysterious old woman who cautioned Desmond about altering his path on the time line. As she put it – “You are not meant to buy this ring Desmond.” “You are not meant” – or specifically, destiny, is becoming a major factor on this show. She further cautioned Desmond that if he did buy the ring and did marry Penny, then the whole world was doomed. Essentially, Desmond was destined to move into his Hatch.

3.   Of course, this season we get further clarification of the time travel phenomenon – learning that it isn’t the physical body that travels but the mind. Desmond is one time traveler. Minkowski is another (and he suffered the effects). And then there is Faraday, who pioneered a lot of this and has apparently been experimenting on himself. Where Desmond went to the past, it appears Faraday may have gone to the future as evidenced by the scene where Charlotte tests his knowledge of “What do you remember?”

4.   Or maybe Faraday’s future mind is currently inhabiting his past body – which would also back up the “What do you remember scene?” and would explain his squirrelly behavior. Perhaps, he has more control over it now and has sent himself back to insure certain things happen on the island or to prevent something catastrophic from going down.

5.   The other time issue we have relates to island time. Faraday’s little experiment and the helicopter’s trip off island proved that there is a lag between the island and anywhere else.

6.   The theory around this is that the island is host to wormholes – a theory in science that postulates that specific coordinates if entered with the right amount of mass and energy can lead backwards in time. This may tie in with Faraday’s insistence of following specific coordinates.
- As with all time travel stuff, this is all very heady. Usually with time travel stories, I just grant the writers dramatic license and go with their fiction. Too much over-thinking of how the future interacts with the past usually just spoils the tale, so whether you have a time bubble or a flying Delorian or a transported conscience, I’ll just take what you offer up and enjoy the ride.

7.   But, mark my words, time travel will figure into this series by the time all is said and done. Someone’s got to explain how that polar bear made it to Tunisia.

4.     Little Big Man

1.   The big mystery here is why kidnap Walt?

2.   If you’ll recall from the first season, Walt appears to have some sort of power – most likely the ability to ‘wish’ up something he wants. For instance, there was the episode where he was reading about birds and the specific bird he was looking at suddenly appeared (dead) outside his window.

3.   Then there was the polar bear in the comic however the polar bears were later explained to be part of the DHARMA experiments so I’m not sure Walt is responsible for that.

4.   We know that The Others kidnapped Walt to experiment on him but we have never seen the results of those experiments, so in my mind, that is still an open question.

5.   Also, Walt’s visitations (to Shannon as well as to Locke) remain a mystery.

6.   Honestly, I don’t have much more to add here. Walt means something to all of this but I am not sure what.

Next week, we tackle The Others/Island Natives, The 4-Toed Statue and The Island Itself.

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  • Ed,

    It’s funny that it doesn’t seem like the show has been on long as it has. It good you bring up Walt because he has become somewhat of an after thought. He has popped up like you said for Shannon and for Locke. I remember them saying he was special. I also remember Ben not being happy with the deal his people had made to let Micheal and Walt go in exchange for busting out Ben. Everytime I think Walt is going to come back in a big way I wonder how they are going to explain how he aged 4-5 years in a 100 days. Even when he appeared before Locke the angle was from pit so it was at least a somewhat hard to tell he had aged three years. I wonder how many blond babies have played Aaron so far? But I think Walt has to figure back into it.

    The time travel part is still a mystery. As you said you don’t phyiscally move, but your conscience does. But does time off the island really move faster as we say with the rocket? When Desmond called Penny it was Christmas eve just as it was on the boat. If he has been on the Island for years, and time does not move at the same speed both on and off the island, how can that be?

  • That’s a good point Chris. I was trying to reconcile that myself and all I could come up with was that neither Desmond nor Sayid knew how long they were on the island… but, for two military men, that seems unlikely.

    Anyway, I am enjoying these posts Ed. I haven’t chimed in because I haven’t felt like I had anything of substance to add… you are covering everything well and, to be honest, I have forgotten half of this stuff, so just catching up has been great.

    Unfortunately for Lost, and a lot of other shows, I just haven’t invested as much in what is going on this year. I don’t know if it because of the looming strike at the start, the actual strike, or the spotty recovery now, but as a whole, I can say I don’t care as much this year about any show. That’s true for this one, The Office, Scrubs, etc. In fact, the only show I have really been missing is Chuck! (Mostly because I wish I were him.)