I’m So Lost – Week 2

Previously on Lost.

Seriously, that’s what these posts are starting to read like. Who knows what vital knowledge has been chased from my brain in my drive to compile an encyclopedic volume of Lost minutiae. Hey, anything for my rabid readers. My children, Carter and Ariel, thank ya’ as well.

Anyway, last week we covered ol’ Smokey, those devilish digits and jumpin’ Jacob’s flash. This week, we delve into ‘The Hatch’, pour through the Orientation tapes and finish off with an introduction to the billionaire boys club of Alvar Hanso and Charles Widemore.

On with the show.

#9     The Hatches

1.   First off, why are we still calling this a ‘hatch’? The name entered the Lost lexicon back in the first season when Boone dropped his flashlight during a little midnight stroll with Locke and its arrival on the forested floor was not met with a squishy thud but rather a metallic clank. Immediately, message boards went nuts. “OMG A UFO.” Sorry, Stephen King traveled that ground a long time ago with The Tommyknockers and while the Lost overlords have seen fit to pay homage to King from time-to-time (Charlie’s druggie rocker is ripped from The Stand, Juliet offered up Carrie for the Others’ Book Club selection), I never thought they’d want to retrace King’s steps for that story beat. Simply put, The Tommyknockers sucked. Nope, what we had here was a mysterious Hatch.

2.   Of course, the ‘Hatch’ was eventually unearthed by Locke and Boone who then went to work trying to crack it open. And, at the time, it was definitely a hatch – all we saw was a cylindrical device protected by a Zip-Locked hatch. Oh, one key thing, chiseled into the concrete were Hurley’s nefarious numbers which, upon his discovery of the etching, inspired Run Fat Boy Run.

3.   Now, we all know the rest of the story. They blew their way in and encountered Desmond – who Jack had met in his previous life. Then we realized that it wasn’t a hatch to Hell or the top of Pandora’s box but just another entry into a creepy twist on those Epcot center pavilions where Desmond had been duped to spend his days and nights entering the aforementioned digits into a computer and staving off a catastrophic release of power.

4.   Now, I’m being glib but why do we still call it a hatch? That’s like calling my house ‘The Door’. Anyway, added to the Swan we have since learned about The Flame, The Hydra, The Pearl and The Looking Glass.

5.   The Flame is the medical station. We know this is where Claire was sequestered when she was abducted and cared for by Ethan. That mystery is pretty much solved – The Others were continuing their investigation into why pregnant women do not live past their 2nd trimester on the island. As it turns out, you have to have become pregnant on the island, meaning Claire was safe.

6.   The Pearl is a ‘monitoring station’. This is the installation with the bank of TV monitors that focused in on the other stations – including The Swan. The strange thing here – and this part remains a mystery – is the people in The Pearl would take notes on everything they witnessed in the other installations and then feed their notes into a pneumatic tube. In the second season finale, we spied a massive pile of these tubes out there in the wide open, just decaying in the hot jungle heat – thereby implying that this was all some strange psychological experiment and that the data wasn’t used for anything. I think that’s one mystery that hasn’t really been resolved but if you subscribe to the fact that DHARMA was a commune devoted to studying the sciences (including psychology) than perhaps that’s the answer – just a wacky experiment to see if someone would do it. Either way, I’m not losing sleep over it.

7.   The Looking Glass was revealed last season (in the lead-up to the finale) and is apparently a communications center as well as a docking bay for the sub. Also, those who theorize that teleportation plays into this series feel the Looking Glass may be where you teleport to and from, given its allusions to the Alice in Wonderland tales.

8.   The Hydra was just discovered this season. It’s apparent function is to create poison gas. I’m sure the gas is used for a different purpose but it appears Ben has learned how to weaponize it.

9.   There is apparently another installation out there called ‘the Orchid’ that appeared in a short film made for last year’s Comic Con in San Diego. The Orchid apparently contains rows and rows of numbered bunnies and in the video, allusions were made to ‘time travel’. Of course, we haven’t seen it yet so I’m not commenting any further.

#11     The Orientation Tapes/Experiments

1.   This is a natural segue way from The Hatch piece as we have seen various manifestations of the orientation tapes aimed at providing the subjects with the necessary intel to do their job.

2.   Each Orientation tape is hosted by the same doctor although he has had different names in each one. Dr. Candle. Dr. Wick. Dr. Flame.

3.   He also appears to be missing a hand and has a prosthetic in its place.

4.   Most of his tapes appear to be missing footage.

5.   I believe these tapes originate from the DHARMA Initiative and may tell us less about the island and more about DHARMA – which as we now know, was completely eradicated by Ben and the Island ‘Natives’ in ‘The Purge’ – no doubt, with the same toxic stew Ben has brewing at The Hydra.

#10     Charles Widemore/Alvar Hanso

1.   I guess I could have added Ben to the Billionaire Boys Club but despite Miles’ assertions, we don’t know exactly how much scratch Old Scratch has stored away so for now, I’ll focus on the defined Daddy Warbucks.

2.   Alvar Hanso was the billionaire who bankrolled the DHARMA Initiative. As we have since learned, his ancestor Alto Hanso was the owner of The Black Rock which was found landlocked in the middle of the Island. Later Charles Widemore comes into possession of the ship’s log (and a portrait of it) during a high stakes auction.

3.   I believe the Hanso family, through The Black Rock mooring, discovered the island, perhaps centuries ago. They then bankrolled the DHARMA Initiative to study the strange properties of the island – unbeknownst to the fact that there was an indigenous tribe of people living on the island. DHARMA was then eradicated by the native forces, although Ben was taken under their wing. Given the fact that one of the Natives – Richard Alpert – appeared the same age in Ben’s flashback as he does now – they may age differently (slowly) on the island, which would lead into the various healing powers of the island. Perhaps, this is the fabled ‘fountain of youth.’

4.   Charles Widemore appears to be a competitor of Hanso’s – perhaps corporately – and is seeking the Island for his own gain. I believe Ben when he says that Widemore wants to find and exploit the island – as that sort of power could bring untold riches when exposed to the population of the Earth. So his scheme dovetails nicely with the various healing effects we have seen in Locke and Rose, and perhaps, Jin.

5.   Now, the big mystery with Widemore is why is he so against Desmond marrying Penelope. If we believe all this time travel stuff, what if Desmond’s arrival on the island is pre-destined to pave the way for Widemore to finally locate it and if he allows the time stream to change – if he allows Penelope to marry Desmond – then all bets are off.

6.   That’s really the big, open mystery with Widemore. What’s his deal with Dez?

So that’s all for now. Next week, we’ll tackle the Island’s Healing Powers, the Time Anomalies and Walt.