Abby at Seven

Today is Abby’s 7th Birthday.

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since our first ‘child’ joined our family, but it has. In that time, Abby has weathered the addition of more family members and gladly given up segments of her spotlight, knowing full well that the more the merrier, the more people are present to shower her with hugs and pats.

Abby was our first ‘offspring’ – the grand experiment that some potential parents engage in before deciding that they are fit to raise children. Andi and I told ourselves, if we could just raise this creature from puppy to dog, then we’re a shoe-in for Mom and Dad of the Year. Of course, it’s easy to delude oneself in believing that a puppy is good practice for parenthood – if only children would mature at the rate of man’s best friend. Alas, that’s a lesson and lecture for another day.

Of course, with that rapid maturity comes equal diminishing time spent with these beloved pups. We all know that they rarely outlive their masters. That said, it’s best not to fixate on the fleeting time spent together with these precious family members and instead look fondly upon the great companionship dogs like Abby provide.

Afterall, Abby is my first dog. In my mind, she’ll live forever.

And that’s Abby – a great companion, a wonderful dog, a dear family member. Abby is as intergral to Clan Humphries as any of us. Even if she does see fit to wake me at 6:30 a.m. every single morning. When the house is still and the sun has just begun to crest the horizon, her cold, wet snout will creep ever closer to my unsuspecting ear and the sad-sack whimpering will begin. Still, I take one for the team and rise most mornings, against my better judgement, to let her loose upon a brand new day. She brings such joy to our lives that she warrants the little sacrifice of a few more seconds of shut-eye. She deserves it.

She’s a good pup. She’s a great friend!!!

Happy Birthday Abby.

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  • My sweet little Abby puppy. She is not my first dog and I have felt the heartache of losing a few dogs. It is horrible to say the least. Not having the years of love with them would be more horrible though.