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Well, here we are in the midst of the month-long hiatus between Parts 1 and 2 of this truncated 4th Season of Lost. It could be much worse. Had that Writer’s Strike stretched even a few weeks longer, the last shot we would have had of Season 4 would be Alex betraying her fake Dad.

End. Cut. See ya’ next season.

Fortunately, producers and scribes (and in Lost’s case – both one in the same) came to an agreement, meaning we get several more episodes to chew on beginning April 24th. It looks like the latest plan calls for 4 one-hour episodes and a 2-hour season finale – so, essentially, we get 6 more episodes (meaning the season total was really only docked by 2). Not bad!!!

To fill the gap, I’ve decided to launch a mini-series of my own. In lieu of the post-episode discussions that I normally write, I’ll spend the next 4 weeks posting my thoughts on what I consider to be the biggest mysteries that are at the core of the show. I’ve devised a list of 12 overall theories, from which I’ll parse out what we know and what remains undisclosed to date. The hope is that you guys will jump in, using the handy dandy Comments feature, and let us know your thoughts, point out things that perhaps, I’ve misinterpreted, or share theories of your own. This will provide a little checklist to the elements we feel are crucial to seeing resolved before this series signs off for good in May 2010 (which is only two years away if you can believe it – where’s all the flying cars we were promised?!?!?)

The first post will launch this Friday and that will be followed each Friday thereafter for a total of 4 weeks. The schedule works out as follows:

Friday March 28, 2008
12.   The Smoke Monster
11.   The Numbers
10.   Jacob

Friday April 4, 2008
9.   The Hatches
8.   The Orientation Tapes/DHARMA Experiments
7.   Charles Widemore/Alvar Hanso

Friday April 11, 2008
6.   The Island’s Healing Powers
5.   Time Anomalies
4.   Walt

Friday April 18, 2008  
3.   The Others/The Island Natives
2.   The 4-Toed Statue
1.   The Island Itself

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  • I know I’ve been a complete slacker in my posts lately… but I’m so excited about this list. I’m glad that I still get to be lost involved even when the show is on hiatus! I love it!

  • @Sara – Good to have you back. I have the first two weeks all queued up and I’m sure I’ve missed stuff so I’m going to need everyone to jump in and hollar out all my mistakes and miscues.