ZonEd 3.0

Welcome to ZonEd 3.0. This is the third design for The Ed Zone in honor of the start of the third year of blogging. (Okay, I am a month late.) Use the comment form on this sticky post to leave your feedback about this new design. What do you like? Hate something? Have suggestions for improvement? Want a new feature? Oh, and if you are a regular commenter, you’ll want to setup a Gravatar! 🙂

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  • This little picture in my comment is a gravatar. These also work on Jason’s new blog too. I told him to get you setup with the little image from your “5 Questions With…”. 😉

  • Hey Joe – I believe Sean made it clear that frequent Commenters should use Gravatars. What do you think you’re doing?

    Just kidding. I’m amazed at the likeness of that pic. How’d you make it?

  • Agreed. I think Sean did a fantastic job with the site design. He makes me look soooooooooo professional.

  • Thank you! And hmmm lets see? girl? I think… does 24 count as still being a girl?? And its a crop from the poster for the New Frontier animated movie that just came out!

  • Hahaha… I had to cover my bases there. I figured college bookstore, I didn’t know if you were a student or older, etc. From where I am sitting, and if I were 24, I’d consider myself a boy (and didn’t let go of that until I was 30…)! But you know what they say… women mature faster than men.

    Have you seen New Frontier yet? I have it in my Netflix queue to check out.

  • I haven’t seen it yet. I’m waiting for it to available in HD DVD. It’s my favorite comic series to date, so I feel the need to give it the respect it deserves in HD.