The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 6 – Results Edition


This is it – the last round. Of course, heading into Round 6, we are all tied up – with Jason and Aunt Sharon boasting 40 points a piece (out of a possible 50). Could it get any tighter?

Should we reach a stalemate at the end of these 10 questions, I’ll start launching one question bonus rounds until we declare a winner. Once we put the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown to bed, I have another game in the works – the 2007 version of the Mii Match game.

Of course, that’s for another day. On with the show.

Round 6


51.   Which one of these actors does not appear in The Star Wars Holiday Special?
a.   Bea Arthur
b.   Harrison Ford
c.   Estelle Getty
d.   Harvey Korman

Answer:   C   (Jason – 41, Aunt Sharon – 41)


52.   Which one of these is not a real holiday special?
a.   A Flintstone Family Christmas
b.   Ali G’s Alternative Christmas Message
c.   The Star Wars Holiday Special
d.   The Batmobile Broke its Wheel – Christmas in the Bat Cave

Answer:   D   (Jason – 42, Aunt Sharon – 42)


53.   Which cartoon character never eats December snowflakes… but always waits for January?

Answer:   Lucy from Peanuts (Jason – 43, Aunt Sharon – 43)


54.   Which one of these is a Christmas movie?
a.   Home for the Holidays
b.   Last Holiday
c.   The Ref
d.   Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Answer:   The Ref   (Jason – 44, Aunt Sharon – 43   AS guessed A Home for the Holidays which may very well be a Christmas movie – but my selection was Home for the Holidays which is a Thanksgiving movie directed by Jodie Foster.)


55.   In the original Home Alone, where was Kevin’s family headed to for the holidays?

Answer:   France or Paris   (Jason – 45, Aunt Sharon – 44)


56.   What movie featured the line – “I’m sorry I ruined your lives and crammed eleven cookies in the VCR” – written on an Etch-a-Sketch?

Answer:   Elf   (Jason – 46, Aunt Sharon – 45)


57.   Which of these holiday-themed titles is actually a traditional Christmas movie?
a.   Reindeer Games
b.   Santa Sangre
c.   Santa’s Slay
d.   A Midnight Clear

Answer:   D   (Jason – 46, Aunt Sharon – 46)


58.   In the movie Gremlins, what holiday classic is playing on TV and when asked what she is watching, Billy’s Mom replies – “Oh, just some bad movie.”?

Answer:   It’s a Wonderful Life   (Jason – 47, Aunt Sharon – 47)


59.   Which one of these recording artists never had a song featured on those Very Special Christmas albums?
a. Mariah Carey
b. Wham
c. Run DMC
d. Bruce Springsteen

Answer:   B   (Jason – 47, Aunt Sharon – 48   Jason guessed Bruce Springsteen but he does have that ANNOYING rendition of Santa Clause is Coming to town listed on one of the albums. Wham has Last Christmas but it was never featured on a Very Special Christmas album as they were broken up before those discs dropped.)


60.   Some people greet their neighbors with “Merry Christmas, Happy New Year!!!”. How does Cousin Eddie do it?

Answer:   “Merry Christmas! Shitter was full.”   (Jason – 48, Aunt Sharon – 49)

Wow!!! What a finish. Now that was a contest and thankfully – I don’t have to concoct a bonus round. That said, I tip my cap to both Jason and my Aunt Sharon for a masterful game. They kept it close the whole way through.

I’ll be launching another contest in a few days and I hope more of my readers opt in. There are prizes to be had afterall and more importantly, it’s just plain, dumb fun. So look for my Mii Match – Celebrity Edition in a few days.

With that, I leave you with the following good tidings.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and remember… check those shitters!!!

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    I never saw The Ref, and I answered that question just as I did involving all movies I hadn’t seen….WRONG!

    Thanks, Ed, that was a bunch o’ fun, and it just goes to show that Poe hangs with a couple of award-winning women!