The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 5 – Results Edition


The photo above was taken this evening outside my home. With another Nor’Easter on fast approach for this weekend - promising a healthy mixture of snow, sleet and rain set to join forces with the 11″ of packed powder that’s already fallen on the Humphries house, it’s looking more and more like we’re in for that long lost White Christmas.

Today’s dire storm warnings sent me scurrying from work early – allowing me extra time to post 2 Rounds of the Ho Ho Ho Throwdown in one day. For those following the event, Round 4 saw Jason move into a tie with Aunt Sharon – with both contestants sporting 32 points a piece (out of a possible 40).

With this throwdown all knotted up, break out the HGH as this competition is about to grow fierce. Oh yes, there will be blood.

On with the show.

Round 5


41.   Name one Wet Bandit (character name)?

Answer:   Harry or Marv   (Jason – 33, Aunt Sharon – 33)


42.   How long is the pole that the singer wouldn’t touch The Grinch with?

Answer:   39 & 1/2 Feet   (Jason – 34, Aunt Sharon – 34)


43.   Which one of these Hugh Grant flicks does NOT feature a Christmas scene?
a.   Four Weddings and a Funeral
b.   Love Actually
c.   Bridget Jones Diary
d.   About a Boy

Answer:   A   (Jason – 35, Aunt Sharon – 34)


44.   Which one of these performers was NOT in We Are the World?
a.   Michael Jackson
b.   Madonna
c.   Dan Aykroyd
d.   Bruce Springsteen

Answer:   B   (Jason – 36, Aunt Sharon – 35)


45.   Which Lethal Weapon flick took place at Christmas?

Answer:   Lethal Weapon I   (Jason – 36, Aunt Sharon – 36)


46.   In Mickey’s Christmas Carol, which character portrays The Ghost of Christmas Past?

Answer:   Jiminy Cricket   (Jason – 37, Aunt Sharon – 37)


47.   In the song, “The Twelve Pains of Christmas”, what is the Fifth Pain (and sing it)?

Answer:   “FIVE MONTHS OF BILLS“   (Jason – 37, Aunt Sharon – 38)


48.   In The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, what animal does Snoopy NOT play in the pageant?
a.   Sheep
b.   Horse
c.   Penguin
d.   Cow

Answer:   B   (Jason – 38, Aunt Sharon – 39)


49.   In Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, what is a Bumble’s only weakness?
a.   They Mumble
b.   Honey
c.   They Bounce
d.   They Sink

Answer:   D   (Jason – 39, Aunt Sharon – 40)


50.   On The Simpsons Christmas Special, what tattoo does Bart get as a present for Marge?

Answer:   MOTH – He gets dragged away before MOTHER is completed.   (Jason – 40, Aunt Sharon – 40)

One round left and we are all tied up. I just know I’m going to end up having to write more questions. Arghhhhhhhh!!!!

Jason            40
Aunt Sharon   40

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  • What a cute picture! I hope they had little mini-shovels in there…never too young!! Posting my answers now…I see the Simpsons in there, I am so screwed. I knew I never should have let Poe watch that show!!

  • @Aunt Sharon – Not shovels but close. Colin was helping with his toy leave blower (hey – it sounds likes it’s helping) and Aria was clearing the porch with a plastic 9-Iron.

    Me, I was perched behind the most ass-kickingest, ball-bustingest Snow Blower/Armored Tank money could purchase. I had the full driveway cleared in 30 minutes and managed to defoliate the surrounding area for good measure.

  • In my defense…I only watch Hugh Grant movies for obvious reasons, I care not for content!!