The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 3 – Results Edition


After two rounds of fierce competition, we are still neck and neck. Heading into Round 3, Aunt Sharon edges Jason 15 to 13. That’s a slim margin and with four rounds to go – this contest is still up for grab.

Before we begin Round 3, I have a quick programming note.

My site is designed to feature the two most recent posts (in descending chronological order). After that, the items drop down to the bottom of the page or shuffle off to Archives. Just this morning I dropped 90+ Christmas Cards/Letters in the mail – each with a shameless plug for The Ed Zone embedded within. As I anticipate a slight uptick in readership over the next few days (you know, those beloved friends and family who drop in on this site once a year when reminded that I am still out here – begging for their attention) – anyway, I am going to post my Annual Top 10 Posts of 2007 piece – which serves as a helpful guide to those people who may be stopping by for the first time in a long time. I’m going to let that lead for the next week or so but I will continue posting installments of The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – albeit as the ‘second’ article on the front page (through the magic of time stamp tinkering). So, keep an eye out.

All right – on with Round 3.

Round 3


21.   In Home Alone, which of these tortures is NOT inflicted upon the Wet Bandits?
a.   Blow Torch to the head
b.   Thumb Tack on the seat
c.   Iron to the Face
d.   Broken Glass to the Feet

Answer:   B   (Jason – 14, Aunt Sharon – 16)


22.   Which of these is not a title of a song in The Nightmare Before Christmas?
a.   What’s This?
b.   This is Halloween
c.   What Have I Done?
d.   Silent Night, Deadly Night

Answer:   D   (Jason – 15, Aunt Sharon – 16)  


23.   Which horror movie legend is the voice of The Grinch?

Answer:   Boris Karloff   (Jason – 16, Aunt Sharon – 17)


24.   Which of these was not a subtitle to a sequel to The Santa Clause?
a.   The Secret Clause
b.   The Mrs. Clause
c.   The Escape Clause

Answer:   A   (Jason – 17, Aunt Sharon – 18)


25.   How would you say Merry Christmas in Hawaii?

Answer:   Mele kaliki maka   (Jason – 18, Aunt Sharon – 19   Jason wrote Mele maleki maka which is oh so close and maybe a typo so I’ll give it to him. I still say, for all I know, Mele maleki maka means ‘Go F’ yourself, white eye’ in Hawaiian.)


26.   Which of these actors has never portrayed Ebeneezer Scrooge?
a.   Albert Finney
b.   Michael Caine
c.   Bill Murray
d.   George C. Scott

Answer:   C   (Jason – 19, Aunt Sharon – 20   …And Aunt Sharon is right. That was a trick question. Bill Murray did play a Scrooge in Scrooged but his was named Frank Cross.)


27.   This elf wanted to be a dentist. Who is it?

Answer:   Hermie   (Jason – 20, Aunt Sharon – 21)


28.   What holiday movie opens with a terrorist assault on Santa’s Village?

Answer:   Scrooged   (Jason – 21, Aunt Sharon – 22)


29.   Which of these is NOT the title of a holiday special?
a.   ‘N Sync – ‘Ntimate Holiday Special
b.   Olive The Other Reindeer
c.   Brian Boitano’s Holiday Skating Spectacular
d.   Wassailing with the Waltons

Answer:   D   (Jason – 22, Aunt Sharon – 23)


30.   On what television show (still on the air) did someone utter the following phrase during their Christmas episode:
“Happy Birthday Jesus. Sorry your party sucked.”

Answer:   The Office   (Jason – 23, Aunt Sharon – 24   …and Aunt Sharon, you are correct. This is the best show ever. Damn you, writer’s strike!!!)

Jason            23
Aunt Sharon   24

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  • No need to tinker with the timestamps anymore. I implemented a Sticky Post feature on your blog that I worked up for JFCC’s. Just mark the post with the Sticky category (in addition to any others) and save/publish. When you want to unstick it, uncheck it and save again. Sticky is stuck to the top and the other stuff, newer or older, will appear below it as normal.

    Oh, and as a present to your once a year readers, I cleaned up your archives. I added some new categories for your series posts (if you didn’t have one already).

  • I have no idea what you just said….but I assume you weren’t talking to me….

  • Bring on Round 4!!
    I just hope there aren’t anymore pesky Nightmare Before Christmas questions!!!! Two or three of those and I’m done for!

    And note to Poe…a smart little Poe would let his Mommy win,so close to Christmas!

  • So wait a minute…you already gave my mom “up” over my “heads,” the latter of which was much closer to “skulls,” and now you’re punishing me for having the honor NOT to go look up the correct spelling of something on the Web?

    Pffft. Maybe next time I’ll just look it up…

  • Here’s the full text.

    Jason was close with skulls. Aunt Sharon guessed ‘up’ as in Throwing Up and then pleaded for extra credit. As she just staged an impressive comeback, no soup for you. That’s a Seinfeld reference Jason. You might want to bone up. : )

    She did not get points. Go back and check. She had 7 going into that question and had 7 coming out of it.

    Pffft yourself.

  • Answers are in!! Now I have to go find Christmas Story running on TV to see how off I was on #2!! I know it’s longer than what I put down…but almost doesn’t count!!

    And who are the Waitresses????

  • Nothing says holidays like a little spat between cousins! 😉

    @Ed: Oooh… I have to go with Jason on that Hawaiian one though. When I hear the song, that’s how I hear them say it phonetically… of course, this is the Reel Big Fish version with the disgusting ending to it and all, but still…

    @Sharon: Exactly! If you don’t know that song, then you don’t know them. I think that’s all they ever did (of note). I’d bet you’d recognize the song if you heard it. If you have iTunes, give it a preview. If I am not mistaken, I believe it is Big Ed Humphries’ favorite Christmas song… and one of mine.

    @Everyone: I actually posted on my own blog last night. It’s about a Pat’s game from 3 months ago, but it is a start. At least there are some new photos to go along with it. Not sure how many shots of Brady’s bum are there though… This ends the pimp your blog section of this comment.

  • All right – Seeing as how it’s Christmas and all – Jason gets credit for the question. We now have a one point margin. I’ll update the totals.

    And Sean – it’s hardly a spat. C’mon. It’s more like a pfffting contest.