The Ho Ho Ho Throwdown – Round 1 – Results Edition


As promised, here are the questions from the Humphries Family 3rd Annual Christmas in the Sticks. I know that I mentioned this party marks our seventh festive fiesta but this was only the third one held where Donners fear to tread – hence the fuzzy math. Math? Hey, they just got the abacus out this way.

I decided to turn this into a little contest. Similar to my Mii Match contest last winter (of which I am currently prepping another installment – just in time for the holidays), I will post a series of questions (one round every other day) and all of those who would like to enter can simply ‘Ring In’ by leaving a Comment below along the lines of “I’m In” or “Aunt Sharon Dizzles in da’ house”. Then e-mail me your answers to After each round’s deadline expires, I’ll post the results and we’ll move on to the next round.

As the actual party was so loud, not many people heard these questions asked unless you were on the hot seat and perched two inches away from my bellowing pie hole. Therefore, this little contest is fair game to anyone who wants to submit answers below, (except Karen – kidding!!!)

Now, as this is the wild, wild web, I know the answers are just a Google away. I’m going to get some Christmas pop culture-themed prize and display the winner’s name (and Mii likeness) on this site at the conclusion of all six rounds, so if you cheat, you cheat me.  And yourself. Oh, and your children. Your dogs and cats. And anyone who ever looked you square in the eye and declared you a kind, decent human, Yup, you Google Gizmo and you’re basically dead to us all.

The last note – as my faithful readers can attest, I like to keep these posts visually interesting by sprinkling them with photos. I plan on posting photos with each question but in the case of multiple-choice questions, the photo displayed is not necessarily indicative of the winning answer. It just means I found a photo I liked. Also, in the instance where a photo would truly spoil a question, I’ll just post some random holiday-themed shot.

Onto Round 1. (Note – Round 1 entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST Friday December 7, 2007).

Round 1


1.   Who plays the Audrey in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?
a.   Dana Hill
b.   Dana Barron
c.   Juliette Lewis
d.   Marisol Nichols

Answer:   C   (Jason – 1, Aunt Sharon – 1)


2.   Which one of these hounds is not one of Yukon Cornelius’ sled dogs?
a.   Huskie
b.   Beagle
c.   Poodle
d.   Chihuahua

Answer:   A   (Jason – 2, Aunt Sharon – 1. Yes AS, There is a Beagle on his sled.)


3.   In It’s a Wonderful Life, what class of Angel is Clarence?
a.   First
b.   Second
c.   Third
d.   No Class

Answer:   B   (Jason – 3, Aunt Sharon – 2)


4.   On South Park, what beverage is Mr. Garrison drinking when Mr. Hanky decides to go for a dip?

Answer:   Hot Chocolate   (Jason – 3, Aunt Sharon – 2   Both provided the exact same inexplicable answer – ‘Toiler Water with a Twist’ leading me to believe someone is cheating off someone else’s paper.)


5.   In Ron Howard’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which one of these is not the name of a Who?
a.   Cindy Lou Who
b.   Miss Rue Who
c.   Horton Who
d.   Whobris

Answer:   C   (Jason – 4, Aunt Sharon – 3)


6.   Who plays Arnold Schwarzeneggar’s nemesis in Jingle All the Way?

Answer:   Sinbad   (Jason – 4, Aunt Sharon 4)


7.   What holiday character is known as the fastest belly whopper in the world?

Answer:   Frosty the Snowman   (Jason – 5, Aunt Sharon – 5)


8.   What holiday movie features the following exchange:

DA:   What is your name?
Kris Kringle:   Kris Kringle.
DA:   Where do you live?
Kris Kringle:   That’s what this hearing will decide.

Answer:   Miracle on 34th Street   (Jason – 5, Aunt Sharon – 6)


9.   Name two traditional elements of Festivus (out of a possible 3).

Answers:   Pole, Airing of Grievances, Feats of Strength   (Jason – 5, Aunt Sharon - 7   Shame on you, Jason. A sweater??? C’mon that’s Christmas regalia, not Fesitvus.)


10.   In The Nightmare Before Christmas, Jack marvels that there are children throwing snowballs instead of throwing what?

Answer:   Heads   (Jason – 5, Aunt Sharon – 7)   Jason was close with skulls. Aunt Sharon guessed ‘up’ as in Throwing Up and then pleaded for extra credit. As she just staged an impressive comeback, no soup for you. That’s a Seinfeld reference Jason. You might want to bone up.  :  )

Current Leaderboard
Aunt Sharon    7
Jason                5

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  • It’s just the gangsta’ way of saying your name. As in Mook-Dizzle. J-Dizzle. E-Daddy-Dizzle.

    Of course, it’s also a shout back to the slang of 5 years ago. I have no idea what those kids are saying these days. The youth of today totally got me pwned.

  • Hey – constant readers – especially you every day types. Let’s make this contest happen. I better see a Joe Dizzle and a JFCC Dizzle and a Karen Dizzle and a Sean Dizzle and a Stacy Dizzle and any other dizzle that check out this Blog on a daily dizzle.

  • Wow, why couldn’t there be any Gremlins questions this time around? These were hard, unless I’d already heard the answer at the party…which, in all fairness, is the case for #s 1 and 2.

  • Hey there – Look at my new holiday redesign. I have one helluva helpful elf. One very TALL elf!!!

    What a cool surprise.

  • @ All – I’ll allow more entries until the results go up (sometime tomorrow). Look for Round 2 on Monday a.m.

  • Needed to spread a little love over here… don’t want anyone thinking JFCC/Poe’s better than anyone else. 😉

  • Re- South Park question and the accusation of cheating…We’ll never tell!!

    However, I might note that my advanced age would indicate demographically that I never watched South Park, and would therefore be the most likely person of the two not know the correct answer….

    Just making a point….

  • Can you recheck my answers? I think I got 7 right….You didn’t give me credit for Miracle on 34th Street…

  • Also, the South Park defense doesn’t work. When I tune into WEEI and hear Steve Buckley, who is in your wheelhouse, expounding on the virtues of South Park – then I know that just like The Simpsons, South Park crosses boundaries. This is the same show that became a movie that Roger Ebert gave an enthusiastic thumbs up for. Their song, Blame Canada, was nominated for an Oscar.

    Sorry – this isn’t The Naked Brothers. It’s South Park and the demo is wide.

  • I saw the South park movie and even thought it was funny, and I loved the song. However, comparing the maturity-challenged hosts of The Big Show and me just doesn’t fly. Now, if Dale Arnold can vouch for its appeal, I might have to concede that I am just an old fuddy-duddy ( as opposed to the male version…FAHT!)Sadly, my personal favorite, Michael Holley, is too young to consider a peer.