Trailer Park – Dumbguy Forever Vol 2: Clip Skip


Here it is. The official trailer to the Second Film Never Produced by Writer/Director/Producer Ed Humphries. I have spent so much time, effort and energy creating nothing, I feel like James Blunt.

As with the first trailer I made, both projects boast several hours of actual footage. After viewing the ‘dailies’, I realized there was no way I could ever produce something coherent – so I took the next best tact and simply cobbled together these trailers. Remember, this stuff was filmed when I was young and dumb. Now that I’m a bit more mature and my tastes more refined, I have no doubt I could blast a creative project out of the park. Alas, the rigors of the Nine-to-Five conspire to rid me of any artistic aspirations. Damn that Catch-22.

This trailer is a kissing cousin to the last one. A few years back, I decided to create a DVD project of random footage featuring my friends as a sort of memento for them to take with them in life; to allow them to one day look back upon that specific time and date and remember what once was.

… when we were young.

So for that DVD, I made some fake trailers using the footage we had filmed over the years. This piece acts as an unofficial sequel to Dumbguy Forever.

Stealing a page from Tarentino, I present Dumbguy Forever Vol. II: Clip Skip.

As a bonus, keep an eye out for a future Mrs. Humphries. Ahhh, the things I make that poor girl do.

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  • So it has come to this… scraping the vast film archives? All I can say is that it’s a good thing that the Mookiefish files have mysteriously disappeared. Let’s call that fish “the one that got away”. What else “Will” you post?

  • @McG – Don’t worry, “Will” will never make these family friendly pages.

    You kissing a parrot?

    No promises!!!