Picture Pages – Mookie Matrimony: Volume III


This is it – the last blast of Mookie’s wedding past. If he and Kerry want me to write anymore, they’re gonna’ have to get remarried. I’ve written so much in the last week that I haven’t the vocabulary to go on. From now on, when I need something – like sustenance – I’m going to be reduced to a monosyllabic “Me Food Need”.

That said, I do have a little more juice in the tank to offer up one final post.

As I wrote in my Comment appended to Volume II, every once in awhile I like to run a little feature called “Picture Pages” (Yes, I stole the title from that old show Bill Cosby used to host – all I remember about it is he had a pen that made some crazy noises and a friend named Mushmouth – wait, am I getting Bill Cosby projects mixed up).

Anyway, the Picture Pages segments usually feature 10 pics or so with a little paragraph of commentary for each one. I thought it would be a nice way to close out this tribute and as I’ve assembled a large number of pics from the wedding weekend, I have an ample supply to pick from.

For all you newbies to the site, I try to post something new a couple times a week. As I’m sure you can tell, I’m not one for the quick Blog hits. When I write they tend to be magazine article size (somewhere there I missed my calling and apparently, an editor) so I may not get something up every day but I try to post something of substance a couple of times a week. The topics meander but the one constant is I try to keep things conversational and light and honest – I have no problem divulging some inner most thoughts. As I wrote in a prior post, I trust the hell out of all of ya’ (hey, it’s the Internet – the safest place this side of Fallujah).

Anyway, I encourage people to Comment. It makes it fun and really makes this an organic, evolving site.

Also, if you liked what you read, do me a favor and check the Archives (you’ll find the Archive button at the top right corner). On that page you can wade through some older articles. They are sorted a number of different ways but the best way is usually to go by month and wade through. Sean set this site up so you’ll get the first few paragraphs of each post – that way you can tell up front if it’s something you feel like reading.

As an Aside – I recently did a scan to see how many full-sized posts I’ve written since launching this site in late-January 2006. I excluded the shorter ‘Asides’ from my list as those are usually a few sentences at most in length. This post brings my grand total to 198 posts in 21 months (less than two years). I averaged out the pages (if printed) and it works out to approximately 3.5 pages per post – putting my sum total of writings to a little less than 700 pages in less than two years. So basically I wrote one long novel (or two shorter novels) in the last year – somehow while juggling the career, raising two kids, marriage, yard work, home repair, hanging with friends and family, countless Sox and Pats games and many more things. I really gotta’ find a way to make money doing this. : )

Kidding, of course. This site exists mainly because I like to write and if I can get one person to read what I wrote, then that’s payment enough.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks to all the people who have dropped by this week to check out the pieces on Mark and Kerry. My stats page shows the hits are WAAYYYYY up so even if you’re not commenting, I know you’re reading and that’s pretty damn cool. Glad to have ya’ and I know Mark and Kerry are pleased that everyone has stopped by to pay homage.

On with the pics.

1.   Wonder Twins


Ed:    Wonder Twin Powers… ACTIVATE!!!
Joe:   Form of a Bald Eagle.
Ed:    Form of an Ice… ahhhh, hmmm, ahmmmm… Bald… ahmmm… fine, form of a bucket of water.

2.   Mr. and Mrs. Clean


That does it… next year she shaves her head and I wear the stunning blue dress. All kidding aside, this shot jumped out at me. With a 4 year old and a 2 year old at home, it’s so rare to find photos of us that don’t also feature animatronic Backyardigans. This shot is a throwback to our early days – of course, back then I rocked the most kickass mullet this side of Bon Jovi – now I’m just a Chris Daughtry-in-waiting.

(Editor’s Note:   I never, ever, ever rocked a mullet but once upon a mid-school dream, I did sport a Dep-shelacked do of spiny porcupine spikes. Don’t believe the bald one? I’m sure I can dig out that class photo -set against the backdrop of beaming lasers – as proof that once upon a time I held my body weight in hair perched above my cabeza. Now I’m just a chrome dome who was lucky enough to have this beautiful lady take a chance on me.)

Again with the joking. I’ll be serious for a moment and say, with deepest sincerity, that this is a real nice picture of my beautiful wife and I. It’s a keeper… as is she.

3.   The First of Many


This title speaks on multiple levels. For one, this was the very shot I opened that depicted Mark and Kerry’s initial waltz as husband and wife. And then of course, there is the symbolic reference, that this picture represents the first of many steps as Mark and Kerry dance through this life, bound as one. I’ve seen a number of up-close-and-personal shots depicting this dance but this one – a few steps removed – jumped out at me. There’s something about taking it all in from a distance, that brings us closer than ever.

4.   Mother’s Day


Sometime a few years ago, Andi and I dispensed with buying Hallmark cards for each other and opted to craft our own personal sentiments through more creative means. The digital age is wonderful in aiding that pursuit as we found that there were so many things we could do with a personal picture or two, a couple of paragraphs in MS Word and some PhotoShop magic. (Hence – one Christmas I planted the heads of the entire family (including our two labs) on the cast of the Claymation classic, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Colin was a natural for Hermie the Elf. Chatham had the glowing, red schnoz.)

This shot is a shoe-in for a future Mother’s Day card. Beyond that, it is bound to coax a tear when we turn around one day and find our little man all grown up. Geez – from this picture alone – I fear we may already be too late.

5.   A Beautiful Day


The view off the Granite Links 2nd floor balcony was spectacular – offering a jaw-dropping surprise of a sunset show. It’s no surprise that the bride, Kerry, and her husband, Mark, were steered to that venue for as many pics as possible.

As the sun sets behind Kerry, this beautiful bride says goodbye to one fantastic day. I really like this shot – with the autumnal hues of that darkening sky bringing out a glow in Kerry’s dress.

6.   Legacy


Sean is my longest and best friend. We’ve known each other since our paths made a fateful intersection so many years past when we discovered that our early high school paper routes brought us to a common drop spot. That is a friendship that has now spanned over 20 years – two full decades. Search his name on this site (or better yet – the key words ‘Gutt and Pole’) and you are bound to find our thrilling origin story.

Anyway, that’s the reason this picture jumped out at me. Here is my longtime friend – my close confidante – my brother… holding my son aloft with a look of pure caring and happiness. The look of love.

’nuff said.

7.   Flower Power


I really like when photographers encourage the playful shots. A wedding is a day of celebration – a time to let loose and have some fun. So many wedding shots can be so stodgy and staged – and granted, there’s a necessity to that – but it’s nice when you can mix it up and sprinkle some fun, candid shots. Me and the boys co-opted Captain Morgan’s act (and later – his bottle) and now the ladies have opted to lend flower power to the PGA circuit.

Those bouquets are apparently the Swiss Army knife of the bridal business. Kristen E. (middle) can back me up on this. At one point, I turned those flowers into my own Mister Microphone – belting out ‘Freebird’ before this crooning canary was ultimately caged.

8.   Son Set


If Andi was gifted a pre-constructed Mother’s Day card up above, then this pic is my perennial Father’s Day card.

“You will make my strength your own. You will see my life through your eyes, as your life will be seen through mine. The son becomes the father. And the father, the son.”

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  • Well, here are some thoughts on the photos:

    1. Come out of the closet Joe. You know it is your destiny! Of course, I kid, but man, you either have the evil look or the fruity look (not that there is anything wrong with that) in photos on this day. There’s another one of the two of us in the second post in this series. You look fruity and I’m as handsome as ever.

    2. I took this one, so of course it is good! The wee man managed to sneak his hand into the frame, so it isn’t quite just the two of you, but I have to agree, even if I didn’t take it, it is a nice shot of the two of you.

    3. Me thinks some bridesmaids need their head’s cropped out, but yes, the perspective/depth of field makes this shot work very well.

    5 + 8. Equal 13, which isn’t unlucky in this case. That sunset lent itself to some wonderful shots. Not only these two, but others in Andi’s Kodak gallery as well, including another of Colin and I, which is a good setup for…

    6. Thanks for the kind words. Right back at you. I love this kid (and Aria) so much! You and Andi have done so well with both of them and as is clear in #4, they do well with both of you. (I’ll just insert Aria in there.) 🙂