The Year in Review


Editor’s Note:   I’ve been pimping the site to a bunch of new readers over the last few weeks so I figured I’d repost this piece from the end of ’06 to spotlight a few of the better pieces. For the noobs, feel free to peruse the Archives above as well. Welcome!!! 

You know the routine. The calendar hits mid-December and all of the experts come crawling out of the woodwork to offer their opinions on the best movies, music, and celebrity skin sightings of the year. (Only in America could Borat edge out Britney Spears for the latter category.) Oh, and if they happen to grab some face time and their 15 minutes, all the better.

Here at The Ed Zone, we ain’t above a little whoring, so I figured if someone was gonna’ provide a flyby of the Top 10 Posts of the Year, it might as well be me – the guy who put the Ed in Ed Zone. Hey, pimpin’ ain’t easy.

Yeah, yeah, yeah!!! I know. I wrote these articles. Does this narcissistic bastard know his bounds? Look, I know I’m no Shakespeare – nor a Chabon – but I believe I’ve sliced a nice little niche on these Interwebs and I have to say, I’m pretty damn proud of the shear volume of work assembled. At the age of 34, this site is keeping those creative juices churning. I may not be making a livelihood from it but my site stats show someone is reading – and to me, that’s payment enough.

In other words, this has been a good gig.

Knowing that I have accumulated some Constant Readers (to quote Mr. King) along the way, I thought this Top 10 list (actually 11) would make a nice reference guide for the newbies to seek out some of the better or more entertaining posts without having to search through the archives themselves. Just click on a link and go.

Anyway, that’s enough preamble. Without further ado, I present:


11.   Trivial Hot Pursuit   (originally posted January 31, 2006)


This post tells the true story of my run-in with a pack of treacherous trivia hounds one fateful evening at Uno’s Bar & Grill in Dedham, MA. Fists flew. Blood rained. And the rest is history… or the subject of one helluva’ trivia question some day. Enjoy!!!

10.   We’re Sorry Mario, But Your Princess is in Another Castle… Again   (originally posted February 15, 2006)


This was a reprint from my past life. I used to blog on my cousin Jason’s joint venture – Pulplit – and this was a tale originally told there. It recounts, in fairly exaggerated fashion, my life’s obsession with video games. It’s a fun read – and sadly – mostly true!!!

9.   Hard Times at Rockland High   (originally posted February 7, 2006)


Now, here is a sordid tale. This true slice of pulp non-fiction is ripped right from my hard-scrabble beginnings on the mean streets of Rockland, MA. Again, the contents of this shocking expose of yours truly are “mostly true” although dramatic license is taken in some places to amplify the entertainment value. Read on for the true tale of one bad mofo.

8.   Where the Wild Things Are… Dead   (originally posted February 2, 2006)


Apparently February was a good month for true confessions. In this post, I documented my mid-90’s stint as the Angel of Pet Death – the Anti-Doolittle. Recounting a fateful house sitting excursion that ended when the bodies hit the floor, this creepy little ditty would send chills coarsing through my soul… if I had one.

7.   Kicking and Screaming   (originally posted March 23, 2006)


My reaction (and tribute) to former Patriots kicker, Adam Vinatieri, and the news that he had signed with the Colts. I also touch upon those Boston athletes I consider un-boo-able – no matter where their agents take them. I’m real proud of this piece. Some of my best writing.

6.   Hello Hawkeyes   (originally posted April 1, 2006)


This was my April Fools joke – and man, did it work!!! I used my site to announce – on April 1st – that the family and I were westward bound. Next stop… Des Moines. Grabbing a pic of some random house off (our new dream house) I posted the news, edited a few fake Well Wishes in the Comments section, asked Sean to e-mail friends and family to point them to the announcement – and the fun was on. I was still nabbing suckers days later – including my Mom – who apparently thought that should we have such a major life changing event to announce, that I would use the oh-so personal realm of cyber-space to spread the word to her. Anyway – it was a bittersweet victory as it killed in ’06, but I’ll never be able to top it in ’07 as they’re all on to me now.

5.   A Little Princess  (originally posted May 31, 2006)


This was my birthday tribute to my darling little daughter, Aria Leigh, on her first birthday. Reading it now still makes my eyes well up – and I’m the guy who wrote it.

4.   Cinco de Mayo Nino   (originally posted May 4, 2006)


This was my birthday tribute to my special little boy, Colin Edward, on his third birthday. Once again, another post that really gets this Dad in that sentimental spot we try to keep shielded. These posts will be an annual event.

3.   The Maine Event   (originally posted July 31, 2006)


This post documents two situations – a battle royale between Andi and I and Colin over uninterrupted sleep which immediately led into a great family vacation. It’s a nice slice o’ life punctuated with some great pics.

2.   The Rise of Raisinhead   (originally posted August 28, 2006)


Unbeknownest to many – I have a secret identity. Read all about it here.

1.   The Impossible Dream   (originally posted August 24, 2006)


This was a paean to the family – just me dropping a few choice words on how lucky I really have it. While this list is not in any order (other than some strange chronological fashion) it really is fitting that this falls at Number 1.