The First Rule of Fight Club… SMASH!!!

Aint it Cool News has been running rumors which have just been confirmed by a piece in Variety earlier today. Edward Norton has been cast as Bruce Banner in the forthcoming Hulk sequel. These comic flicks just keep impressing with their casting. I’ve already gushed about the way The Dark Knight is coming together and now seeing Tyler Durden’s best bud cast as the conflicted Bruce Banner makes for a nice bit of synergy.

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  • That’s cool. I like Norton, though I wish he’d get to making Motherless Brooklyn. And that he’d cast Steve Buscemi (instead of himself) as Lionel…but I digress. Norton+Banner=cool.

  • Jason- Is Edward Norton directing Motherless Brooklyn too? I hadn’t heard a movie was in the works- I read the book a year or two ago and loved it though, so I’ll look forward to that.

  • Norton got the rights for the movie ages ago, and to my knowledge, he plans to direct as well as star in it. But as I read the book, I saw Buscemi in my head as Lionel, and Buscemi even reads the audiobook edition.

    Imdb link (The date is wrong–the movie is still in development hell, as far as I’m aware.)

    And Ed, you know there’ll be some amusing YouTube mash-ups between The Incredible Hulk and Fight Club once the DVD comes out.

  • I can’t picture Norton as the Hulk. He wouldn’t be my first choice. But hopefully he’ll pull it off well.

    I saw the preview for the next Fantastic Four movie. I wasn’t a big fan of the first one, but the second looks a lot more promising. Silver Surfer looked really cool.

    And I’m a firm believer if Spidey 3 introduces Venom, then there better be two more movies….