Lost – ‘Left Behind’ – 3.15


I’m sort of divided on this episode. While I enjoyed the island developments, the flashbacks left me cold. In fact, Kate’s last few flashbacks have grown tiresome. It might have something to do with the fact that as we parse through the details of “What Kate Did” we learn that it really isn’t THAT shocking.

I remember that early episode where Kate robbed a bank, shot her accomplices and ran off with a safety deposit box (which contained a toy plane). It was so pregnant with possibility. With such a large manhunt assembled to find Kate Austin, I was holding out hope that she had some major secret. Since then, it’s been pretty routine, with her frequent run-ins with Frederic Lane’s dogged marshal playing like a shadow of the Tom Hanks-Leo DiCaprio dynamic in Catch Me if You Can.

Last night’s flashback did nothing to sway my opinion. The only thing that we learned was Kate once teamed up with Sawyer’s baby momma, Cassidy. That was another element that slightly bothered me. The chance encounters have long been a hallmark of the series but never have they crossed this tightly (unless you count Claire and Jack as half-sibs). I just really hope that there is a ‘design’ for all this Six Degrees action. I have the utmost fate that there is a plan – and to be honest, I have grooved on all the other cross-connections, but there was just something about this little love connection that rang a little too convenient.

That said, the island action was fantastic. The story moved along and we got some qualified intel to expand our understanding of the island’s inner workings.

All right – on with the observations.

1.   How did such a sweet, innocent fertility doctor become such an ass-kicking warrior. When Kate tried to get the jump on Juliet, Juliet proved that her Kung-Fu was much stronger than anything Miss Austin could muster. Also, Juliet confessed that she has dislocated her shoulder 3 times previously so she may have had some rigorous combat training on the island.

2.   That early meeting/goodbye between Locke and Kate was interesting. As Locke put it “…I made a strong case for you. I told them you were a decent person… Then they told me what you did. They’re not a very forgiving people.” Hmmm, on that last part, maybe there is something more to what Kate did. I can’t imagine that they would be all that bent out of shape at Kate for killing her abusive Daddy – especially since they are all buddy-buddy with the same John Locke who just liberated Mikhail’s brains through his ears and blew up their sub. There’s got to be something more there.

3.   Red Rover, Red Rover – Send Locke right over. Red Rover, Red Rover – Send Juliet right over. Looks like both sides are even. I forget. How do you even win at that game.

4.   The monster makes his appearance in a Kate-centric tale. In other words, Smokey and the Bandit.

5.   Regarding the monster, two interesting things came out of this episode. Although Juliet confesses of knowing about the monster, she has no idea of its nature, meaning it is not controlled by The Others. That should put those Internet Geeks and their nanobot cloud theories to rest once and for all. That also lends more credence to my theory that the creature is tied to the island and may be symbolic of pure good and evil – a judging force.

6.   It appears this may have been Juliet’s first run-in with the creature as it began taking snapshots of her mind on that first encounter. That may not bode well for her character. The last person (Mr. Ecko) who got that treatment ended up a human piñata.

7.   The fact that the sonic fence repelled the creature was curious. High frequencies could prove disruptive to machines. Hmmm – maybe it is ‘manmade’ after all. Oh great, here come those nanobot theories again.

8.   While I appreciated two chicks brawling in a raging monsoon followed by a brief bout in the mud, would it have killed Lindelof to write in a vat of Jello somewhere?

9.   So what do you think, has Juliet really been Left Behind or are Jack and Juliet being ‘Left Behind’ on purpose? The key in her pocket is telling.


Next week, the Juliet-centric ‘One of Us’.

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  • “Smokey and the Bandit”… LOL

    The Kate and Cassidy connection was a bit too much for me too. However, given all the other wild connections we’ve already seen, I guess it isn’t that much different, right? Apparently everyone here is connected by two degrees of separation, never mind six!

    Speaking of Cassidy, she’s another fave guest appearer chica, along with Penny and Sarah. No shortage of beautiful women on this show, so why would the execs need more sexing up? Just because they killed off Shannon, Ana Lucia and Libby? Hmm…okay, more beach sexing up… got it. Now Nikki is a goner…

    Well, let’s not forget Kate killed her ex boy toy in the car crash. Death follows her, right… she led to the death of that Australian farmer too, right? I do think she’s done more than what we’ve seen and it better be good because I agree with you, after the safe deposit box reveal, it hasn’t really lived up to the possibilities.

    I still don’t think Jack is brainwashed, but I do believe he may somehow be in league with The Others. I’m sure whatever he is doing, it is with the thought of getting the survivors off the island. With that said, and whether or not there is something real between he and Juliet, she is obviously playing him/them to some degree. I now believe you are dead-on with your Manchurian Candidate riff, but it is Juliet that is the plant, but doesn’t that seem obvious? Kate and Sayid obviously don’t buy what she’s selling. What’s up with Jack being knocked out for so much longer than Kate and/or Juliet? Was Sayid knocked out too?

    I believe she’s revealing only what she needs to reveal as well. I think she knows more about Smokey than she let on, especially with her reveal of the key and her ruse. Why else would they have the damn fence than to keep it out? Okay, sure… it kills flesh tubes as well, but that is probably a secondary benefit.

    As for Locke, I can’t wait to get the in-between story here… did he drink the Kool-Aid?

  • Kate and Juliet woke up in the jungle so they’re exposure to the gas may have been less – thus they woke up sooner. I’m sure Sayid was knocked out as well.

  • I am suspicious of Juliet as well. The fact that she had the key all along and didn’t break it out after the first run in with the smoke monster. I think Kate will never trust her. Why would she? Plus, wouldn’t Juliet, who has been there three years, know every possible place they could go. All she wants is off the Island and I think she would sell anyone out to get off. But. what is the point of sending off to spy on the Losties? What else could she find out about them that they don’t already know. If they consider them such a threat they could just go down to the beach and kill them all one night. They must need them for something, or why else let them live? Meanwhile, more and more of them get killed?

    Didn’t Juliet say Sayid was in the backyard over there? Last time we saw him he was being held outside. So how did they knock him out? What happend to Rousseu? I wonder if she followed the Others when they left. Plus you would think if Juliet has been there for 3 years she needs to know pretty much everywhere where they could go.

    Locke is the real x factor, he finally told someone he didn’t want to leave. Plus I think the fact that his father just appeared on the island cemented how special the island is and he wants to learn everything he can about it. That is why he willing left with the Others. No Kool Aid needed.

  • Hi Uncle Ed,
    We are sick of the Lost posts. We know you are more intelligent. We would like to here your thoughts on the world around us.
    Your Nephew Eric

  • Just kidding of course. Don’t worry – I’ll have some more non-Lost posts soon. Promise.

  • Harsh! Eric is almost shaving for crying out loud… I’m sure he can be up at 6.32p! Man, I’m feeling for Colin already. What? Is the early bedtime going to stay so that you don’t have to share your consoles??? 😉

    Of course, I’d like to see a post about last week’s Lost before I watch tomorrow night’s…