Lost – ‘D.O.C.’ – 3.18


In past seasons, a Jin/Sun flashback episode would have served as backbone to a stand-alone episode where the show takes a breather from the myth building and spends an hour on developing character.

But that was all before we discovered Sun was pregnant and given The Others pre-disposition towards body snatching Baby Mommas, a Jin/Sun flashback episode can no longer guarantee we all take a breather.

So – in keeping with the forward momentum enjoyed over the past several episodes, the Jin/Sun-centric ‘D.O.C.’ provides some more answers while twisting the screws of our castaways a bit more.

Anyway, on with the show.

1. We learned that ‘D.O.C.’ stands for Date of Conception. In this episode, Sun confessed her pregnancy to Juliet following a disquieting discussion with Jack where he inquired into the status of her pregnancy. With this exchange, and the events that transpired later, I hearken back to my original ‘Jack as Manchurian Candidate’ theory. I’m starting to think that Jack is fully aware (or sub-consciously aware) of Juliet’s marching orders and may be in league with her. Think about it. He speaks to Sun and asks enough questions to make her nervous. Sun confronts Kate and specifically mentions that Jack was with The Others for one full week and may have been compromised. Sun then comes to Juliet to assuage her fears and discover what happens to pregnant women on the island which then leads to the examination which we later learn is a front for Ben’s data collection scheme. The thing is, if Jack doesn’t ask all those questions from the outset and instill some fear in Sun then she never proceeds along that path. As Juliet mentioned in a prior episode, Ben is very good at making people do things. So perhaps, the puppet master is pulling the strings on both Jack and Juliet. I’m telling ya’ – at some point, Jack’s eyes will flash red and he’ll begin following his Prime Directives.

2. Speaking of data collection, in Juliet’s little recorded MASH note to Ben (love the “I Hate You” post-script) she mentions that she will gather the other women’s samples – including “Austin’s.” Does this imply that Kate may be pregnant? Meaning, the Kate-Sawyer hookup was engineered by Ben. Think of it – the whole set-up was sort of a creepy experiment with the two being kept in animal cages, set out to do menial tasks during the day and then offered a reward (I’ll do anything for a fish biscuit). I think Ben designed the whole enterprise (starting way back at the beginning when he met Kate on a beach and preyed upon her psyche by promising the next two weeks would be very uncomfortable). So if she is pregnant as well, she’s just another of his island guinea pigs.

3. With Sun’s dilemma, we have had our second Catch-22 in as many weeks. She is presented with the following outcome – if the baby is not Jin’s, then she conceived away from the island and will have completely betrayed him. If the baby is Jin’s, then she conceived on the island and will be dead within two months. I thought it was a nice bit of acting between both actresses when Juliet revealed Jin as the father. As she wept, you could tell that despite the knowledge she had just been given, she was the happiest woman in the world. It was a nice, touching scene. It also underscored the fact that all Juliet is doing is really under duress. She may be working for Ben but I believe it to be a ploy to get off the island. I don’t think she believes he’ll let her off the island – however I think she is being the good soldier – doing what he asks – while she works to try to find a spot in his armor and take the advantage. Now that I write that – what if the twist is that Juliet is really working to undermine Ben while Jack (who appears oblivious to her plan) is a true embedded ‘agent’ and will turn on all of them. Of course, with Locke out there as the wild card, the stage is also set for a true Man of Science/Man of Faith showdown. That’s the beauty of this show. You can speculate all you want and still be way off base.


4. Now for the other big development (but certainly not the biggest). Our good pal Patchy a.k.a. Mikhail is alive and well after having his brains stewed by those mammoth sonic emitters. I thought it was a little strange when the camera lingered on his prone body after taking that shock, although he certainly appeared dead. Sure he could have chomped on some foaming capsule but I’m not sure how you simulate blood pouring from your ears. Anyway, Patchy tipped his hand a bit when he said “on this island, the wounds are a bit different..” Of course, from what we’ve seen, the dead tend to stay dead (presuming they died after they came to the island – those that died before they got here (Jack’s Dad, Yemi) have run amuck). So, was Patchy just seriously injured and the island healed him before he died? Or, is the smoke monster mimicking Mikhail? Or – and this is gonna’ go way out there – are Smokey and Patchy one and the same? After all, Mikhail appears to be ‘security’ for the island and the smoke monster has been called a ‘security system’. And remember, Mikhail had that cat with him, who many believe was the smoke monster in cat form.

5. As always, I fess up when I offer a theory or tidbit that I didn’t come up with on my own. I read on one of the Lost sites that the various languages Naomi (the parachutist) was running through were Italian, Chinese and Portuguese. The latter is close to Spanish which Hurley may have been able to decipher but I guess he’s too much of a slacker to offer much help outside of pick-up Ping-Pong games. Anyway, in her last exchange with Mikhail, she spoke in Arabic which he translated as “She said Thank You.” Now – the ominous musical cue indicated that is not what she said. So a number have people have since translated what she said and it came out as “I am not alone” which may explain the bit of concern that spread across Mikhail’s face.

6. And then there is the huge reveal at the end of the episode.

Flight 815? The one from Sydney? That’s not possible….They found the plane. There were no survivors. They were all dead.”

Now I’m sure this is going to cause a run-on the ‘They’re in Purgatory’ theories but I don’t think it’s that simple. Besides, they are currently interacting with a bunch of people who were not on that plane (and as far as we know – did not die in other accidents) as well as the numerous interactions they have had with the outside world (including Penny’s research group spying the purple sky event) so I think we can conclusively state they are not in purgatory. Rather – I believe the billionaires’ backing Dharma (the Hanso foundation) faked the discovery of Flight 815 and its dead occupants (which would explain the need to gather extensive files on every person on the plane) so that no further searches would be launched in their neck of the woods.

In two days, the Locke-centric ‘The Brig’. It’s been rumored that this will be the first episode without flashbacks but lately, rumors have swirled that there are flashbacks but they are all island-based (meaning we’ll see what Locke has been up to over the last couple of weeks).


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  • Yeah, you hit on everything I would with your post. I think we are seeing that Juliet is still acting under her marching orders, but obviously she was acting with Ben in terms of showing him loyalty and conviction. I’m going to go along with you in that she’s playing along until she gets an opening, but I’m still not buying into Jack being anything other than he seems. I did miss the very start, so I should go back and watch it, but his questioning is most likely as an interest physician for his flock and intentionally used to get the fans frothing. That said, I still can’t explain why Jack was knocked out so much longer than Kate/Juliet (and presumably Sayid) back at the Others village.

    As for Kate being preggers, you heard what Juliet said about sperm count, the odds are pretty good that anyone not sterile and knocking boots without a, ahem… pullout, has a good chance at baking a bun in the oven. I like where you are going with Ben setting that up though… I started thinking along those same lines. Juliet’s mission is obviously to gather data on the new lab rats as The Other’s women are now very likely not willing to give it a go.

    As for Mikhail, I was all WTF dude when he popped out. No expectation of that as I was with you, he looked pretty damned dead to me after going thru that fence. I guess it is possible that it merely knocked him very close to death and the island mojo healed him quickly from it. I’m not buying that he was Smokey, if only because we saw that it couldn’t get thru the barrier and Mikhail obviously did. My assumption is that rule wouldn’t change just because it assumed a form, otherwise it would have done that to get at Kate and Juliet, no?

    As for Sun, my feeling is they find a way to save her or she miscarries or something. I know you said a bunch of folks are gonna die, but I don’t think she’s one of them, if only because it is becoming an island of men, at least amongst the lead crew (I’m not counting the extras).

    Finally, I figured the interwebs would provide a translation of that. So, my thought is the other person with her is Penny. What do you think? Probably too obvious and it wouldn’t explain how the photo got in the Portuquese woman’s book, unless Penny is freely distributing them to her minions. As for her origin, I’d love to say she’s from the future simply because of that phone, but more likely, it is sly product placement by Disney, whom we know is in with Apple via Jobs and Pixar. The phone shows the forthcoming Apple iPhone interface, although the shell is disguised. A tech site I read pointed all that out and seeing as how it is 2004 on the island, they presumed it came from the future. I’m not buying it… it doesn’t have to be that precise, does it?

  • I wish someone would wipe that ever-present smirk off Juliet’s face.. Cannot stand that woman! Loved this week’s Locke/Sawyer episode though..

  • @JPo: I think Kate would love to do that, but she’s too busy having Sawyer not spoon her to get it done.

    That said, I like that smirk. She’s my favorite…

  • I’m with Sean in the Juliet camp. It must be a guy thing – or the knowledge that Juliet once knocked boots with Jolie in Gia.

  • Heh, that’s the first time I’ve heard a guy not drool over Angelina.. Kind of refreshing for a change! 🙂