Gathering Moss

By now, everyone has heard the INCREDIBLY SHOCKING NEWS that the Patriots scored NFL bad boy, Randy Moss, for a 4th Round draft pick this past weekend. ESPN’s Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, has a great piece that touches on the weekend’s festivities and spotlights the five possible explanations for Belichick’s gambit. It’s a great read and very funny. I pulled the following from his piece but you really should go read the whole thing now. Great stuff from that guy… as always. Anyway, Bill writes:

“You have to admit, at the very least, we have the greatest “Madden” offense in Patriots history: Brady, Maroney, Watson, Moss, Stallworth, Welker, Caldwell, Gaffney, Brown. I mean … are you kidding me? Can I run a seven-receiver offense next year? Is that legal?”

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  • What I find interesting in this whole matter is both Brady and Moss took pay cuts, or rather, restructured their contracts to make this happen. That, and the revelation that Moss has always been one of Belichick’s favorite players. What, what, what???

    Oh, and then there’s the fact that both of us have posted asides on our blogs and no one has commented yet. You’d think if there was something to chime in on, it would be this…

    PS: Good title. I wish I thought of that one!