No Escape

John Carpenter must be spinning in his grave. I read this morning that the trifecta is complete – there are now remakes of his three greatest movies in the works. While Rob Zombie continues toiling on his Halloween remake and Ronald Moore polishes the script for The Thing redux, now comes word that producer Neal Moritz is shopping Escape from New York with 300’s King Leonidis (Gerard Butler) as Snake Plissken. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If Carpenter must be remade, why don’t we fix those flicks that had great ideas but were botched in execution. Where’s the love for Prince of Darkness or In the Mouth of Madness???

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  • Ugh…no kidding. None of those movies require remakes.

    I think this is a symptom of how Hollywood–and perhaps society in general–view movies not as an art form, but as mere entertainment product. No one goes out and “rewrites” a bestselling novel twenty years down the road (at least, not in the sense of a “remake”).

    I suppose it’s because a book is owned by a single author, while a movie is owned by a studio or a group of people. But I do think there’s a certain lack of respect for film as an art form involved. Remakes of botched moves make some sense, but remakes of good movies just take up space that might be used for, I don’t know, something not based on a previous film or a 1980s television show.

    And don’t forget, they’ve already remake Carpenter’s The Fog. Which sucked, btw.

  • It’s got to be a nice ego boost for Carpy to see his entire catelog strip-mined. I don’t think he owns the rights to these flicks (and they were all produced by different studios) so I doubt he’s simply cashing in meaning someone out there really likes his works. I can’t think of any other Director whose films have been remade to this degree.

    Don’t forget, they also remade Assault on Precinct 13 a couple of years back.

    And if Harrison Ford can dust off the Fedora, why not let Kurt reapply the eye-patch?

    This is a pointless remake. Escape from New York – while not as timeless as The Thing – benefited from being created during a certain time and place. They’ll never replace Ernest Borgnine’s Cabby or Isaac Hayes’ Duke of New York, so why even bother.

  • Well, let’s face it–shows like Lost, Heroes, 24 and Battlestar Galactica are providing better stories and general entertainment value than most movies. Yeah, there can be some bad episodes or even a bad season, but hour for hour you’re still getting more great entertainment than most current movies can offer.