Lost – ‘Tricia Tanaka is Dead’ – 3.10


First off, I apologize for the lengthy delay in getting these (or any) posts out. The times… they are a’ changing. At least that’s the way things seem of late as I have had a number of factors conspire to rid me of my precious free time for Blogging duties.

For starters, I am taking on a new client at work – just in time too as my current key account will be exiting our company in July and without another client to call my own, I might be out on the street singing Wonderwall for pocket change. Alas, those fears were remedied as we conducted a bit of an internal reorg and I have assumed ownership of a big-time player. And as a little bonus, my new client is based out of NYC so I get to bid the Midwest a long awaited adieu and head into the Big City on a regular basis.

That leads me to another factor that has robbed this site of my presence. Earlier this week, I headed down to NYC to do the initial meet and greet. This stole two full days from my schedule – and if you count in the pre-visit prep time – countless more.

The final factor is a mysterious ailment that had plagued me since last summer. Since mid-August I have had some peculiar vision issues which have a full battery of docs stumped. While I have been officially diagnosed with ‘Dry Eye Syndrome’ that’s a catch all for any manner of things that can bother your eye. While my eyes do feel dry, they also feel strained constantly – to the point where I can barely stand to look at a computer screen for 10 minutes at a time.

That makes the task of Blogging that much harder to pull off. To be completely frank with everyone, this is really starting to bring me down to the point where I have fantasies of just pulling an Oedipus on myself and ridding me of these cursed orbs. Then I remember that I want to see 300 and it might be hard to take in a flick without a pair of peepers. The worse part is I have been to an eye doc numerous times since last August and I get a clean bill of health (including 20/20 vision) each time but I know that there is seriously something wrong. I have an appointment next Tuesday so I am hopeful that they may find something as I have been in the grips of a real bad spell over the past week or so. We’ll see (Ha!!!)

All right, on with the show.


1. As this episode was largely about giving the mystery a spell and reacquainting folks (both the viewers and the ‘survivors’) with old friends, there isn’t a great deal to remark upon. At heart, I found this episode to be a nice helping of character development akin to the episode where Hurley designed a golf course. As I wrote in a prior Comment, I truly felt this episode was FANTASTIC!!! See – in addition to grooving on the Dharma mythology, I watch this show because I genuinely like the characters (most of ‘em – I can’t wait for that Hobbit to die which according to published reports on the net, Dominic Monaghan has been told that he will not be back next season so I say we may yet see his demise fairly soon (or at least those of us who retain the power of sight will)). Sure, not a lot of plot development occurred but this was a nice spell – a little breather for the castaways to just chill, knock back a few skunked brews and smile for a change. And their happiness made me happy.

2. This episode reminded me of that segment in The Shawshank Redemption where Andy Dufresne scores some beers and a lazy afternoon from the guards for helping Clancy Brown with his tax evasion. Dufresne takes pleasure in watching his pals share a rare moment of freedom (and hope) and that’s the greatest reward of all to him. That was Hurley’s journey in this episode.

3. I know I may be in the minority but I am a Sawyer fan. He’s grown from the hated redneck to the comic relief. I think his dialogue is usually the most fun and in this episode we had our scruffy James Ford riffing on Little House, Snuffalufugus and Skeletor.

4. Also, I liked the visual confirmation of an event Hurley dropped in passing last season as we spied the meteor (or an asteroid as Hurley wondered) that leveled Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack and effectively gave us this episode’s title.

5. Cheech is one weird looking dude these days. At least we learned where Hurley got his Dude Speak from.

6. I will say that in that heat and humidity, ain’t no way there was any beer left in those cans that Sawyer was so happily chugging. Still, on an island of smoke monsters, I’ll grant ‘em some poetic license. Same goes for the gas in the Little Miss Sunshine van.

7. The last thing: I noticed in forums that people were wondering how Locke got a compass heading from Mr. Ecko’s stick. I think it is pretty obvious. When Locke glanced at Ecko’s stick, he spied a passage that stated ‘Lift up your head and look North – John 3.02’. Although it’s a biblical passage, the Man of Faith, Locke, takes that as literal instructions to do just that.

All right – that ‘s all my eyes can take. Next week (or more to the point – in a day or two) I’ll catch up and post my thoughts on the Sayid-centric ‘Enter 77’.

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  • Didn’t know the peepers were still giving you a problem. Good luck with figuring it out. Can’t have you going blind after recently purchasing an HDTV…

    Agree with you on the fluids… the beer would have been skunked a lot worse than what he was indicating, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.

    There probably wouldn’t have been any gas in the bus, nor a lot of the other fluids, I would guess, but I’m no mechanic. There certainly wouldn’t have been any battery juice, but maybe that’s why they had to pop the clutch (I can never remember if that’s for no starter or battery). Lastly, depending on how long the bus was there for, the air may have evacuated the tires as well.

    But hey, since this island is just full of surprises, maybe the rules just don’t apply here…

    Finally, your comment about Hurley building the golf course, going on a VW bus adventure and now, this week, busting out the ping-pong has me wondering… is he their cruise director, Julie?

  • Yes… which means it’s only a matter of time before he starts doing massive amounts of blow.

  • Ed- Sorry to hear about the eyes- Good luck with the upcoming appt. Hope they’re able to provide you with some relief.