Lost – ‘Enter 77’ – 3.11


I’ve really got to start getting these updates out in a more timely fashion and not just on the day of the next episode.

This episode had a lot to chew on so I’m going to dispense with my normal three paragraph prologue and dive right into the observations.

On with the show.

1.   The Sayid-centric ‘Enter 77’ followed Sayid, Kate, Locke and Danielle’s trek through the jungle to locate The Others. Using the compass direction Locke plucked off Ecko’s Jesus stick, they end up two days into the island in a remote stretch that Danielle had never trekked through. There they encounter a broadcasting station which houses two mysterious individuals – Mikhael Bakunin, who declares himself “the last surviving member of the Dharma Initiative” and Mrs. Klugh, the woman who presented Michael with his ‘laundry list’ last season. Klugh’s presence seems to negate Bakunin’s claim that he is pure-blood Dharma.

2.   This leads me to Whack-Job Theory #1 for the week. While it is obvious Bakunin is lying to Sayid, I’m not exactly sure everything he says is a fib. In fact, I believe every word of it with the exception of his Dharma duties. Here’s what Bakunin claims. The Dharma Initiative was attacked by Hostiles which led to a great war on the island and a Purge of the scientific community. Bakunin was allowed to live and stay at the research station provided he did not cross the imaginary line separating Dharma from the Hostiles (shades of The Village?).

3.   I think Bakunin is clearly an Other and that The Others are the genetically bred product of the Dharma Initiative. We know that Dharma was assembled to “save the world” and that they are interested in “good people” and have an obsession with fertility specialists and children. I believe Dharma was looking to create “good people” – an evolved human that would possess traits necessary for the survival of the world – perhaps imprinted with an inability to fight or to war. However, as with all great scientific allegories, these young Frankensteins burst from their chains, purged their creators and created their own society. (Ben said he’s lived there his whole life). Somewhere along the line they looked into the Dharma research and picked it back up again, continuing to refine who they are. Perhaps Dharma, at the experimental phase, withheld the genes that would allow their subjects to reproduce. That would explain the Hostiles interest in obtaining a fertility doctor who had succeeded in impregnating a barren woman.

4.   To further my clone claim, this would also explain why Ben discovered he had cancer while Rose was cured of hers on the island. If Ben was made in a test-tube, he may be resistant to the curing energies on the island.

5.   While it’s a bit surprising that Danielle, who has been marooned on the island for 16 years, had never come across this structure she does let slip a secret to her survival. She’s lived this long by avoiding The Others at all costs. Therefore, it stands to reason that she could have lived on this island and never come across that area. Plus, the opening shots of the season premiere revealed the full scope of the island and it is one, large land mass.

6.   The ABC announcer teased last week that ‘a face from the past reappears’ on the island. I thought maybe Mikhael would figure into Sayid’s flashback somehow – so it was fairly surprising when we found out that the familiar puss ended up being that of Mikhael’s cat, Nadia. As seen in the flashback, Nadia (also the name of Sayid’s former victim/lover) is a cat that was saved from torture by an Iraqi woman living in Paris. This makes the 3rd animal familiar that has returned to haunt a survivor – joining the ranks of Kate’s black stallion and the boar that was taunting Sawyer for killing an innocent man.

7.   Here’s Whack-Job Theory #2 of the week. The cat is old Smokey. From Mr. Ecko’s last episode, we got some pretty conclusive proof that the Smoke Monster can take the form of figments in our imagination. To Ecko, it appeared as his brother Yemi and arrived to past judgment upon him for the sins in his past. Kate encountered a black horse – which was the same horse that saved her when she inadvertently caused the death of her childhood friend while running from the cops. Sawyer ran into the boar that was tied to a con in which Robert Patrick duped him into murdering an innocent man. So each person has had a visitation from an entity tied to a violent event in their past leading to Sayid’s cat and its connection to the woman he brutally tortured.


8.   Locke must stay at least 500 yards away from all computers from here on out. First the Hatch, now this. All because he was trying to beat his Donkey Kong high score whole Bakunin was laying the smackdown on Sayid. At first, I thought it was ridiculous that Locke could be so gullible but that is the exact nature of his character. His island rogue is all for show. He may seem intimidating but as his flashbacks have made abundantly clear, he had a long, sad life of cons in his past. Desperate to belong, he puts his blind faith in everything. Plus, he is an active role player. If the computer beckons to play a game, that’s the addiction calling. And, would it have killed Sayid to warn Locke of the C4 planted below ground?

9.   Did anyone else get a flash of WarGames when that computer asked Locke to play a game? Oh, please tell me he didn’t agree to play a little game of Global Thermal Nuclear War when the camera was on Sayid!!!

Next week (or tonight)… ‘Par Avion’

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  • Ed, I just watched this episode last night before I caught the new one. Which I thought was pretty good, but I am sure who has seen it yet so I will hold off comments. I thought you were right on with your C-4 comment and how these people have the worse communication skills of anyone on the planet. This has bugged me since Clair and Kate ran off and found the “medical facility” clair was taken to and failed to tell anyone else about it. It took Kate day and days before she mentioned the “costumes” she say there as well. But, as last night epsiode showed us just when you think Locke is a moron for his “wargames” as you put it, he seems to know more of what is going on. He is a strange man. We will learn more about him next week at least.

  • I’m with Ed in that Locke should stay away from anything of value, never mind just the computers. I’m surprised he didn’t sink Desmond’s sailboat just by looking at it. Who knows if the video told him what was going to happen for code 77. If it gave him a timer or whatnot. But the guy is about as naive as they come. You’d think that with all that has happened to him he’d have learned something, but it sure seems not.

    Sayid’s flashback was one of the better ones so far this year. I think the cat is plucked from his noggin and it is the smoke creature. In addition to the boar, horse and Yemi, I believe Jack’s father and Hurley’s imaginary friend, at least on the island, was also the creature.

    As for Wargames, I was right there with you man.