Solid Gold

This one truly has me pumped. Variety is reporting this morning that one of my favorite video game series – Metal Gear Solid – is in active development at Sony Pictures to become a major motion picture. The MGS series has always blended the line between game and cinema with intricate storylines that best a lot of what hollywood churns out. With series creator Hideo Kojima working closely on the production as Executive Producer, I have good feelings about this project. It’s early in the process so no casting or director has been announced but I’ve read rumblings that Viggo Mortensen has long been Kojima’s favorite while fanboys have been pushing Josh Holloway (Lost).

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  • I think either would be decent choices, with Viggo obviously being higher as he has the box office experience that Holloway lacks. Holloway has the long hair thing going already, so he’s a dead ringer for Plisken, hence the fanboys… I’m guessing. Who’s up for Raiden? 😉

    If only there would be some action on the Halo movie front…