ZonEd Back In

Posted by Sean

In honor of today marking the one year anniversary of this here blog, I have done a little blog refresher-makeover-thingie. Oh, and it is also a little surprise for the owner since he had no idea I was going to do this.

I think we were all worried over the past month, but it seems he’s found his way once again and I hope my inspired effort keeps that engine chugging down the track!

There are still a few little bugs and layout oddities depending on what browser you are using, but overall, it’s looking pretty good. Let me know what you think — good or bad — and what you like or don’t like.

Hey, feel free to make suggestions too. I’ll even allow you to demand back the Fleet Bank theme… 😉

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  • When I first logged on, I thought to myself – uh oh, something broke. Just the natural reaction to the unexpected. Then I began to poke around and realized that nothing breaks in such a delightful manner. I’m really digging the new look to my old digs. Can’t believe it’s been a full year. Thanks for all of the hard work designing a showcase for my goods. You da’ man!!!

  • Hmmm…totally honest assessment: I love the new logo, but I miss the brighter green. It was distinctive. I’d come to associate it with Ed and his little corner of the Web.

    I also preferred the separate colors for the Asides.

    The logo’s great, though. Good work.

  • I like it, I think it looks polished… How about some love for the ScoobySpeak website too? 🙂

  • Well, I squashed a few bugs and cleaned up the rest of the styling for lists and such, so I’m calling this pretty much done. I addressed some items that I talked about with Jason and Ed, so let me know what you think.

    I don’t know if I’m feeling it with the Asides, but it’s up to you. Also, does the green at the top and bottom seem a tad lighter now? I didn’t like it any lighter than that.

    Even though I’m pretty content, keep the feedback coming. For the right price, funny photos of Ed start appearing in the header…

  • Fixed that. The link I had was right for the post, but it has likely been a bad link for some time. It was using the post number instead of the title at the end, which is weird, but this link and the post are all fixed up!