The Big Wiibowski


Sure, the Wii can’t pump 1.21 jigawatts of power like its big brothers, but can the XBox 360 and PS2 serve up a faithful rendition of The Big Lebowski – starring the Wii’s own brand of avatars – the Miis? Pictured above is John Goodman’s Walter – the take no prisoners Vietnam veteran champion bowler. By artfully crafting some Miis through the Wii’s built-in avatar program in Walter’s visage (as well as Donny, Jesus and of course… The Dude) – this dude planted them in a game of Wii Sports Bowling, filmed and edited the results and synched them up wth audio from the flick. Much like the Lego shorts spotlighted here in past posts, I think this is the start of something big.

I decided to have a little fun crafting some Miis of my own. I’ve hand-picked 5 Miis and have built a little contest around this. Review my list below, read the clues and in the Comments section below – list your guesses. The person with the most correct answers wins a special Nintendo-themed prize. If you are not a big Nintendo fan – you can at least take heart in the knowledge that you kicked everyone’s ass. If we have a tie, I will post a second round of Miis and host a tie-breaking competition for those that are eligible. We’ll continue this until we have a winner. If we never get one, then it’s Thunderdome, baby. Afterall, there can be only one.

Oh, one other thing. Of the 5 below – 3 are some version of celebrity and the other 2 are in my immediate posse. Anyone who has been to any of my functions in the last few years should have the right background to pick these suspects out of a line up.

5.   Clue – “… in the year threeee thouuuu-sanddddd


4.   Clue – “Even you fall into that Clategory.”


3.   Clue – “Is you… Madonna???”


2.   Clue – “Did you eat my meat?”


1.   Clue – “I need uh vaca-shun.”


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  • My guesses:

    5: Conan O’Brien
    4: Me (Joe)
    3: AJ McLean (Backstreet Boys)
    2: Mook
    1: John Dennis (WEEI)

  • 5. Conan
    4. J.Do
    3. Ali-G
    2. Mookie
    1. No freakin clue

    Continuing the bowling theme, how about some Kingpin Mii’s?

  • 5. Frye from Futurerama
    4. Joe D.
    3. Ali G.
    2. Mookie (and a really good rendition)
    1. Frank Grimes

  • If #4 is Joe, good heavens he’s got a large head .. (not in real life, JDo, though)

    Who has her own “weather system” herself

  • “I’m not kidding, that boy’s head is like Sputnik; spherical but quite pointy at parts!”

  • Talked to Ed this morning and I asked him who number 1 was and after he told me I found that my first hunch was right, but the hair was throwing me off. I thought maybe Joe was right with Dennis since I don’t listen to EEI anymore and maybe he’s been saying that lately.

    Anyway, no one has gotten it yet…