Mii Match – Round 3 – The Results


Round 3 has come to a close and for the second match in a row, we have a tie and thus a forthcoming playoff. I have edited the entrants’ comments on the prior post to include their submissions, so check out that post and comments and come back for the results. Or hang here and see how things turned out.

Before we move onto the results, I want to post a tiny disclaimer. Every Mii you’ve seen on this site is hand-crafted by me with two exceptions. In Round 3’s posting, I lead with a banner of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg (or as Joe put it – Stephen King and a walrus.) Neither Mii was created by me – hence their non-inclusion (not a word?!?!) in this contest. I grabbed those off of a message board forum where people were posting their Mii creations. This guy, Jarosh, apparently crafted them – and a host of other directors – and I have to say that with the limited tools we have available, he’s created some great likenesses. I particularly like his QT.

Don’t worry – Jarosh didn’t come hunting for a credit. Joe had sent me a comment on King and the walrus and I realized that people might misinterpret that I created them. Often times, I grab pics from the web for the banner (obviously the Davey & Goliath posted above is all me and my mad Photoshop skillz) but since I have been making a play of posting my Miis of late, I didn’t want their to be any confusion.

Anyway – since Sean and Jason correctly matched 5 out of 5 (Joe got 4) – a special playoff will be up in a few hours. Until then, on with the results.

1.   Roger Ebert


2.   Hulk Hogan


3.   Carrot Top


4.   Renee Zellweger


5.   Morgan Freeman


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