Mii Match – Round 2


As I posted yesterday, Sean was the big winner in the Mii Match – correctly matching 4 out of 5 Miis to their real-life counterparts. I figured I should strike while the iron is hot (read: post some more Miis before I hit my fairly low creative wall) and launch Round II of the Mii match.

The rules are the same as last time. I’ll post 5 Miis that I created on my Wii. You review and pass along your guesses in the Comments section below. The person who gets the most correct wins a special game-themed prize. If you don’t care for games – enter anyway – as there are bragging rights to be had.

For this round, I am going to keep the contest open through 7 a.m. EST Wednesday December 20th. At that point, I’ll post the results and name the winner. If we have a tie, I’ll post a playoff round to determine the tie-breaker.

In this round, there are no friends or acquaintances among the characterizations. All 5 Miis are either real-life celebrities or fictional characters.

Last thing – that pic above was inspired by Joe’s insistence that my Ali G featured in Round 1 bore a resemblance to AJ Maclean of the Backstreet Boys. That is a shot from the band’s platinum selling album – Miilenium.

Enough stalling. We’s gots to gets this show on the road, yo. Without further ado… Round 2 is on!!!

5.   Clue – Not America the Beautiful


4.   Clue – Definitely Not Willard Scott’s Bitch


3.   Clue – Not Much of a Poet


2.   Clue – Once Cleaned Jeff Lebowski’s “Work” Shoes


1.   Clue – “It’s a trap!”


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  • 5. Ugly Betty
    4. Eugene Levy
    3. David Bowie
    2. Peter Stormare
    1. Admiral Ackbar

    I haven’t watched Lebowski in a long, long time, but assuming this character is in that movie and you aren’t making a reference to some other Jeff Bridges movie, I’m going with Stormare as Dieter.

  • 5. Ugly Betty
    4. Gene Shalit
    3. Ethan Hawke
    2. Saddam Hussein (I’m guessing that you’re talking about the dream sequence in the movie)
    1. Admiral Ackbar

    BTW: there is an inherent flaw in the posting of our guesses in this game – in that someone can come after Sean or I (or anyone else) and collect/post all the correct answers and win/tie. – just thought I’d point that out (but figure you already realize that)

  • That’s assuming you have the correct answers. Sure someone could copy you but what if you have the wrong choices. Maybe for Round 3 I’ll institute a secret bid… Although, where’s the fun in that.

  • Ah crap, I realize now that my #4 is wrong, although, it is a fair likeness. From the clue, I was thinking Fred Willard and not Willard Scott. You can see how I arrived at my choice. Looks like I am only 2 for 5 on this round as I’m not sure how you’d decide on a Bowie, unless you are watching Venture Brothers, but that’s who that Mii looks like to me…

  • Yeah, I couldn’t figure out that “non-poet” — and the #2 is a total guess for me (was going to put “Terry O’Quinn with hair and moustache” – but figured that I would at least take a small shot at being right)