Mii Match – Round 2 – The Results


Well, I decided to close out Round 2 a bit early in light of the fact that we have heard from the usual suspects and I haven’t received any additional submissions to date. Rather than keep this entry out there an additional day, I figured I’d post the results today. Plus, I have a whole new set of Miis waiting in the wings and I am chomping at the bit to launch Round 3.

Before I crown a winner – I wanted to touch base on an interesting point Joe brought up. I started this contest for a number of reasons but none more tantamount than the fact that any time I can spur discussion in the Comments section, I’ll sieze that opportunity. I keep this Blog updated in a bid to entertain – if not you folk, at least to give myself a laugh.

Therefore, the Mii Match and other similar posts I’ve run (such as the “My Favorite Things” series) encourage people to post. Sure we usually hear from the same rogue’s gallery, but every once in awhile, someone new jumps into the fray. Bring ’em on, I say. The more the merrier. That’s an open call to any reader out there to feel free and submit answers to Round 3 when it goes up. BIG PRIZES!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Anyway, Joe mentioned that by posting your results in the public forum, it is too easy for later entrants to piggyback off of earlier submissions. As there are prizes and bragging rights to be had – I think I have come up with a compromise.

Starting with the next round (which I’ll get to in a moment), I’d like all those who are interested in submitting their entries to post in the Comments section a placeholder – something along the lines of “I’m in” or perhaps a boast – “I’m in and I’ve got 4 out of 5 nailed.” Then e-mail me your entry to etrainsmb@yahoo.com. Each contest will close out at a designated time in the post (no later than 24 hours after the initial Blog post) at which point I will populate your Comments entries with your submissions. At that point, we’ll crown a winner and everyone can read the other submissions and have a good laugh.

We’ll kick start these new rules with our first ever PLAYOFF!!!

That’s right, we’ve got a tie between Joe and Jason who each correctly matched 4 out of 5 (and not the same 4 out of 5). I’ll be posting the playoff entry tomorrow. Remember, this one round Playoff is only for Jason and Joe. If they both get it right, I’ll post another pic (and so on) until we get a winner.

At that point Round 3 will open for all to enter.

Without further ado, here are the results:

5.   Ugly Betty     (Both Jason and Joe got this right)


4.   Gene Shalit     (Joe)


3.   Vampire Spike     (Jason)


2.   Saddam Hussein     (Both)


1.   Admiral Akbar     (Both)


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  • You mean it wasn’t Ethan Hawke? – You know he’s starting to get up in age – the wrinkles are showing, and wasn’t much of a poet in “Dead Poet’s Society” 🙂