Mii Match – Round 2 Playoffs – Jason v. Joe


Updated at 6:35 p.m. EST December 19, 2006. The winner is announced below.

Anyway, these two know their Miis so now it’s time we test their prowess and offer up a one shot Playoff. As described in my last post, the rules have changed slightly. Each participant should leave a Comment letting me know they are in, then e-mail me with their response. Once I receive all submissions, I will post them and declare a winner. If we have another tie, I’ll initiate a second playoff round and continue until there is only one.

DOWN GOES JASON!!!   DOWN GOES JASON!!!   Joe is the victor for correctly guessing:

1.   Davey of Davey & Goliath


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  • The only thing that would make this playoff better was if my name was “Freddy”.

  • I have received the submissions and have edited your posts to reflect your responses.

    We have a winner – which I will declare this evening when I return to my home PC and gain access to the Mii’s true idenity (his real-life pic).

    Until then – I’ll let everyone see your responses and decide if they concur or disagree.

    Remember – Round 3 (the last round before Christmas) starts tomorrow morning.

  • I think Joe won. Though for the record, Davey & Goliath was created by Lutherans, not Mormons. Not that that would have helped me.

    I confess my guess is based mostly on the hair, not the clue:

  • Sorry, here’s the photo link that was supposed to be above: Ferris

    Damned coding restrictions, I always have to post half a dozen times.