Mii Match – Round 1 Results


In my last post, I started a little contest to see if my readers could match the Miis I made on my Wii with their real life celebrity or acquaintance counterpart (this is rapidly becoming the craziest sentence I’ve ever written).

A few of you responded (enough for me to crown a winner).

Sean wins the prize, which I shall bestow upon him when I catch up with him later next week for a little pre-Christmas toast and cheer.

Before I reveal each Mii’s true identity, I decided to make this a recurring post. Crafting these Miis are a lot of fun (and take very little time to do). I am certainly not the most artistic person so for those that I miss the mark on, I apologize. I can write but I can’t draw.

Anyway, in addition to participating in the next round, let me know your thoughts on how these things are coming out. Every single Mii I post will be hand-crafted by me – yet in the interest of full disclosure – there are a fair number of websites popping up that are devoted to teaching you how to craft celebrity Miis. For this first round, I grabbed 2 ideas from them (although these were crafted by me on my machine) and therefore there are bound to be differences. I actually think one of mine came out better than the tutorial site – while the other was much weaker. The third celebrity was designed by me and came about completely accidentally. I was actually drafting a Mii for my boy Ollie and I accidentally created the uber-white rapper.

Anyway – enjoy. Round II will be up tomorrow.

5.   Conan O’Brien  -  (From the Site. Mine is better.)


4.   Bald Joe


3.   Ali G  -  (This is my own creation. I started making Ollie and he became Ali G.)


2.   Mix Master Mook


1.   Ah-nuld  -  (From the site. Mine is worse.)


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  • @Joe – How do you figure? I posted Ali G right next to his Mii – they’re friggin dopplegangers, man.

    I still say my Joe looks like Howie Mandell though!!!

  • Joe, nothing against you, but I picked it as Ali-G right off the bat, and I have never watched the show. Maybe you are stuck on AJ because you are a closet Backstreet fan…