Mii Match 3 – Playoff Round – Jason v. Sean


Updated with results at 9:05 p.m. EST – See Below

As I posted earlier today, Round 3 saw a tie with Jason and Sean each correctly identifying the 5 celebrity Miis. Joe nailed 4 out of 5 – but was doomed by his bizarre infatuation with post-prison Martha.

For this playoff round – Jason and Sean must correctly identify the following three Miis. The person with the most correct wins this round and then hopefully I can take a breather until after Christmas. After all, there has to be something else to write about, right?

You guys know the drill. View the Miis. Let me know that you are in with a Comment below. Send me your submissions to etrainsmb@yahoo.com (I’m on vaca now so if you send it to me at work – Jason – I won’t get it) and then I’ll crown a winner. You have until 8 p.m. EST this evening to send me your submissions.

A special note to all the newcomers to the site. I promise this site isn’t all Miis, all the time. I actually do write about other topics and will have some normal posts up soon. In the meantime, check the archives as I have well over 100 posts since I started this thing last winter.

In my recent Christmas letter (which I may post here on the site in the next few days) I mentioned the site. Seeing as how my Christmas card list has now grown to an obscene 80+ recipients, I’ve noticed an uptick in readership, meaning it must have worked. Score one for me.

All right – it’s go time.

UPDATE – 9:15 P.M. EST 12/21/06 – WE HAVE A WINNER


1. Clue: The Bitch is Back Answer: Elton John (Both got this right)


2. Clue: His parts are probably in “THIS CRAZEEEE THIIIINGGGG!!!!” Answer: Mr. Spacely (Both got this right)


3. Clue: Not a C.H.U.D. Answer: Harry Knowles (Both got this right)


4. Clue: Hadn’t Been There and BackAnswer: Frodo or Elijah Wood Again… But Did Read About It (Jason got this right)


5. Clue: Not the Barber of Seville… But Close to the Butcher of Fleet Street Answer: Edward Scissorhands (Jason got this right)


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  • I already e-mailed a while ago. I’m going to go ahead and assume he’s already busy creating new ones for another tie-break. These were too easy IMHO. He can challenge us a little more I’m sure. 🙂

  • Ugh…now, those are hard. The clues mean nothing to me. Choices sent…assuming they mean something to Jason, he probably has it in the bag.

    1. Elton John
    2. Mr. Spacely
    3. Harry Knowles
    4. Winona Ryder
    5. Tim Burton

    BTW – Love, love, love the Mr. Spacely.

  • I’m pretty sure about the second one, but the first one was a complete guess.

    1. Elton John
    2. Mr. Spacely
    3. Harry Knowles
    4. Elijah Wood
    5. Edward Scissorhands

    Editor’s Note – 5 out of 5. We have a winner!!!

  • All I can say is – thankfully it’s over!!! Seriously though… well played to all of you. I’ll hold off on Round 4 until Jason returns from CA.

    Jason and Karen – Have a great trip and a Merry Christmas!!!