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Well, after a long and tireless search (man – you try waiting four days after launch to get a system) – I finally grabbed hold of my Wii.

… and with that statement, let the ad offers for come rolling in. This site could use the extra foot traffic and ad revenue. Hey, we ain’t above shilling our morale fiber here at The Ed Zone.

All right, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming. Where were we? Oh yes, me clutching my Wii. (Cha-Ching!!!)

Anyway, I found the Wii on the unlikeliest of days – Black Friday a.k.a. THE BIGGEST F’NNNNNNNNN SHOPPING DAY OF THE WHOLE F’NNNNNNNN YEAR!!! And I am happy to report that I didn’t have to rouse my sleepy head at 3:00 a.m. and stand in the cold November rain to procure the object of my affection. And no one took a shot at me.

Nope, this lucky dog found his through old fashioned women’s – errrr – men’s intuition.

See, I was one of those unlucky bastards who pulled the short straw and ended up a tibia in my company’s post-holiday skeleton crew. We’re open when the Stock Market is open and since those bastards staffing the boiler rooms down on Wall Street tend to snooze off their triptofan by sundown Thursday – they’re right back on the main floor the very next day – leaving poor stiffs like me to hold down the fort. It’s not too bad though. With no oversight, my Fridays after Thanksgiving typically consist of a 3-hour shift of web surfing, solitaire and the occasional streak through accounting to the gymnasium.

This past Friday, I decided to call it a day around 1:00 p.m. It was on my way home, as I passed the Auburn Mall, that something called out to me to stop at Toys R’ Us and see if, perchance, they had the Wii. A fool’s errand for sure, I told myself. Afterall, by 1:00 p.m. that store had been opened for close to 19 hours and was surely picked clean. If I was lucky, I might be able to purchase one of Geoffrey’s spilled entrails – that is if the other zombies (read: soccer moms) hadn’t beaten me to it.

Regardless, I pulled in and made my way to the electronics section. As I neared the counter, I heard a woman ask a muffled question and then clearly heard the reply: “Yes, but you need to purchase 2 games with it.

Prior experience has taught me that anytime a store forces a bundle pack upon the consumer, it’s usually around the latest hot commodity. So I figured I’d roll the dice and step in line to see if lady luck would shine my way. I was second in a short line and there wasn’t much fervor buzzing through the games section, so I figured my cards were off.

Then the woman in front of me turned and asked if I knew if the Wii came with a controller. “Of course“, I replied… “You need to have a grip if you are going to play with your Wii.” (Editors Note – We hereby decree a moratorium on any further sophomoric Wii references.)

So that was that – I was in luck. I got to the front of the line and asked if they still had the Wii left. The guy said yes and instructed that I would need to purchase two games with it. “Fine“, I replied, “Two copies of Zelda, it is.” (Actually, I picked up Zelda and Call of Duty 3.) While waiting for the sale to complete, I turned and saw the line had swelled to close to 30 people. “How many copies did you get in?” The clerk replied they had received a shipment of 50 Wiis just moments before. They wouldn’t last the hour.

Anyway, I plan to cover the gameplay tomorrow, but before closing, I wanted to drop a few words on one cool feature. The Wii front-end is broken out into channels. There’s the Games Channel – where you navigate your onscreen icon to start a game. The Virtual Console Channel allows you to download classic NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Sega Genesis and TurboGraphx games directly to the internal flash memory. Then there are channels set aside for the built-in web browser (the Wii is WiFi enabled right out of the box).

Then there’s the Mii channel. This channel allows you to design a little avatar (up to 100 per box) which you can use to navigate the system, send to friends, or appear as your character in the games that support its use. The image that I lead with is Mii… errr, Me – or a close approximation of myself. Bear in mind, that pic was taken from the deisgn page and is fairly 2 dimensional. Once completed, it takes on its full form and walks around your interface in full three-dimensional glory. When you play Wii Sports, the game compilation that comes with every Wii, this is my on screen player. I have designed roughly 20 Miis so far and with the customization tools, I have come up with some close copies of Harry Knowles, The Matrix Trio (Neo, Trinity and Morpheus), Hiro from Heroes, Colin, Aria and Andi and the famous web master, Pole.

Oh, and there’s one other guy.

Ladies and gentleman, Dwight Schrute!!!


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  • Ed, I can’t help but notice your digital avatar seems a bit idealized in the, ahem, follicular department…

    Incisive observation humorously phrased and delivered with impeccable timing aside, all those Wii features sound pretty cool. Looking forward to the game reviews.