Lost – ‘I Do’ – 3.6


I know when y’all asked me to post my observations on the very last Lost episode of this mini-season in quick fashion, I looked you deep in the eyes and proclaimed a most sincere ‘I Do’ – and yet, here I am, one week removed and just now moseying on by to drop a few lines. I apologize sincerely. It won’t happen again. Not this year, at least.

Anyway – on with the show.

1.   Chalk broken marriages up as another uniting thread for our sole survivors. If a survivor hasn’t killed a person, then you can be damn’ sure they’ve deep-sixed a marriage. Jack and Kate fall squarely in that camp. And look who Kate went and got herself hitched to – Captain Mal Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) – who has traded in his dusty chaps for Dade County digs.

2.   Other than the shotgun wedding, Kate’s flashback only revealed one other little fact – she once thought she was pregnant. This scene – the catalyst to her latest run – actually ties back to a scene in Season 2 when Sun let slip her own pregnancy. At the time it was left dangling whether Kate had a child out there in the world. Now we know she didn’t – but she came real close – and that brush with permanent attachment led her to detach herself from Fillion’s Kevin. Mal fans take heart. The actor has signed for at least 2 eps this season – so there is more to his part of the story. Maybe we’ll see that rockin’ Taco Night after all.

3.   All this leads to Kate making do on her words the week before, expressing her love for Sawyer in the most romantic way possible – by getting’ it on in a dingy polar bear cage. Nowm Kate has had several showers but our man James Ford hasn’t bathed in months – so I guess if Kate is immune to that Sawyer stench – a little polar bear guano isn’t gonna stop her from getting her freak on.

4.   That scene leads to a more interesting scene. Jack, having refused to perform Ben’s surgery, is mysterious let out of his fish tank and allowed to roam the halls unfettered. He comes across Ben’s CCTV display and spies the star-crossed lovers. At that moment, he ends his escape attempt, tells Ben he’ll perform the surgery only if he can leave the island ASAP – which sets the stage for the final act. While it may appear he wants out of this island due to the knowledge that Kate loves Sawyer and he can never have Kate – I think it is more complex than that. If you love someone, set them free. Ultimately, Jack decides to sacrifice himself to allow Kate and Sawyer freedom.

5.   Yes, I know – they’re on an island and thus there is nowhere to run. Remember, Jack has sliced Ben’s kidney and has demanded that he won’t repair the damage until Kate and Sawyer are free. There’s two people who have guaranteed passage on Ben’s Little Yellow Submarine if they want it.

6.   I thought Eko’s episode offered more insight into the island, where this episode was designed to clear the deck and get more of the survivors united, leading to next season’s run of 16 straight. So while we didn’t get many answers tonight – the narrative was sent in the right direction for the second act.


7.   Which brings me to Locke’s discovery of Eko’s stick. Locke – his faith restored in the island – feels that Eko’s death was for a reason. Looking at Eko’s stick he spies a message ‘Lift Up Your Eyes and Look North – John 3.05’. The reference to John cinches it and Locke gets the message loud and clear. He may not know what he’s looking for, but now he has a heading.

8.   Who is Jacob? We got a snippet of conversation where Pickett complains that Jack wasn’t on Jacob’s list? Is the list, the same one that was given to Michael last season – meaning Jack was just a last minute addition made by the ‘in need of a surgeon’ Ben or is this something bigger? Goodwin and Ethan were the two Ben sent to get lists – so that eliminates those lists – so could Jacob be the Cyclops we spied the week prior?

9.   The last little morsel had to do with Alex – Danielle’s girl. Alex burst into the camp demanding to speak with Ben. Later, as Ben was being put under, he asked if Alex asked about him – to which he was lied to with a ‘No.’ What’s the relationship there (Surrogate Father-Daughter and if so – Why does Ben have no control over seeing her, especially if she was taken into custody?) All of this implies that there may be someone higher than Ben. Perhaps Jacob is the mysterious ‘Him’ we’ve heard so much about – meaning Juliet isn’t lying when she says she doesn’t take orders from Ben.

10.   That’s all I’ve got. When Lost returns in February 2007 we’ll be knee deep in 24. With double the work load, expect my updates about once a solstice.


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  • I either don’t remember the episode that much by this point or not a lot happened that has me spinning. I guess I was hoping for a better cliffhanger than what we got.

    Anyway, I agree with you on Jack getting out of his tank was most likely on purpose. I’m guessing the only thing they didn’t predict was Jack hold Ben’s life in trade for Kate and Sawyer’s escape.

    I did think when Jack made his deal with Ben to get him “off this island” was going to be used against Jack. You want off *this* island? No problem, we’ll just put you back over on your island. That whole genie wish specificity argument, yeah?

    The other two things were the Jacob reference and Ben asking about Alex. I’m leaning with you on Jacob being the real man in charge, but I don’t think he’s the guy with the eyepatch (my bet his he is another Dharma sucker like Desmond or Kelvin). If that were true, it would appear that Ben and Juliet are his chief lieutenants. As for Alex, that was out of nowhere and I don’t know what is up with that.