LEGO Lore – Spiderman 2


In what is becoming a persistent theme on OB1og, Scooby Speak and The Ed Zone, I offer another LEGO astonishment. There’s something inherently cool in this mash-up of the innocent LEGO aesthetic with pop-culture antics. In past posts, we’ve seen LEGO Doom, LEGO Duck Hunt, LEGO suicides and many others.

Anyway, my buddy Joe isn’t much of a gamer, but last year he found a title for his PC that tickled the inner Star Wars geek in him. It was LucasArts’ LEGO Star Wars – which despite the simple title – focused on the latter day prequels. The difference between this game and the myriad of other Star Wars products that Lucas has shoveled out like so much Bantha poodoo is that by telling the tale through LEGO language, they re-injected the charm Lucas had lost.

Knowing Joe dug that original game, I told him about its recently released sequel – LEGO Star WARS – The Original Trilogy. Of course, Joe knew all about it and is currently immersed in his one game per year annual event.

That discussion led my brain to coax an aged memory of a LEGO oddity I spied in the LEGO store a few years ago. Running on their LEGO TV’s (yes, they appear to be constructed entirely of LEGOs) was a cool little short that depicts the train-top battle between Spiderman and Doc Ock from Spiderman 2.

Pointing Joe in the direction of YouTube, he sent me the link within seconds. I offer you, LEGO’s take on Spiderman 2.

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  • That’s pretty cool. The animators have way more patience than I ever would, but I guess that’s what it takes when doing stop-motion.