Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots


This is just a quick little post – prompted by Tim’s current quest through Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Tim inquired into whether there was an MGS4 out there and the answer is sadly, No.

But there will be. At E3 this year, creator Hideo Kojima showed off a brand new trailer for the PS3 exclusive. MGS4 looks to be worth the full $600 bones one must drop just to gain access to this new system – it looks that good.

The Metal Gear series has been a favorite of mine for some time now. Each game is just dripping with atmosphere. While other stealth action games have sprung up over the years – most notably the Splinter Cell series – none have hit that sweet spot that MGS nails consistently. With stellar production values (including an evocative score by Bruckheimer composer Harry Gregson-Williams), the Metal Gear series tells a tale that no film could properly contain.

And then of course there is the great sandbox gameplay – where the player is free to ‘experiment’ and find their way through an environment, sight unseen. Go out guns blazing, hide in a cardboard box, toss a girlie mag, slap on some stealth camo, stuff guys in lockers, grab a Ginsu and slice and dice. The choice is yours.

Anyway Tim. Check out this trailer. As the pic above shows and the trailers underscore, Snake has gotten a bit old around the edges. One of these trailers ends with Snake saying there’s only one last thing to do – one last battle to wage – and punctuates that sentence by placing a gun in his mouth. Kojima says this game ends the story so I guess, soon enough, we’ll see if he takes it to that logical conclusion.


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  • The game looks incredible. Is the new system really going to be that expensive? Hell, I can’t wait!