Master Chief’s Master


Peter Jackson has announced that South African director Neill Blomkamp will helm the Halo flick – set for a Summer 2008 release. This will be Blomkamp’s first big screen production, but he has cut his teeth on numerous commercials, music videos and shorts including these two: Yellow and Alive in Joburg. I watched them both and came away very impressed. I think Halo may be in very good hands.

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  • Yeah, I fast forwarded a bit thru those and they seemed okay. I figure we have to trust Jackson in that he made a good choice and will have a deep involvement.

    It would be great if it turned out like the Dubya Brothers and their scrub with V for Vendetta.

  • I wasn’t looking at them for the story or narrative content as they are designed to be shorts to show off his chops. From a pure filmmaking experience, he seems to have his shite together. Bear in mind, these are South African made, low-budget shorts. With Jackson and Weta and an Alex Garland script and a truckload of money, imagine what a guy with this ‘potential’ could achieve.

  • My only concern will be the story. If the movie just retells the videogame, then, well…that’s going to be kind of anticlimactic. Here’s hoping Jackson finds something else in there to mine.

  • There’s a script review out there somewhere – check the film site Anyway, they read it and gave it an A.

    Over on AICN, they interviewed Blomkamp who said that he’s interested in adding to the story as he needs to provide a narrative hook for those who have already played the games and know the tale. I’m sure you’ll see elements from the games but it seems like they plan to add more to it.

  • I only hope that the movie is as good as the game. Jackson did preety well with King Kong, lets hope he doesn’t ruin Halo’s name.