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Earlier this week, Sony Entertainment announced it was joining forces with Curt Schilling in a promotion for its hit MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) Everquest II. The merger calls for Curt Schilling’s likeness to appear in the game as a high level villain that online players can battle – with each skirmish leading to a donation to the ALS Association. Here’s a blurb from their release:

 Schilling’s video game character will reside within the online world of EverQuest II (EQII) for three days during the Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball series June 5, 6 and 7, 2006 at Yankee Stadium. During this time, anyone can register for and log into EverQuest II at to challenge the evil Schilling character, appropriately named “Curt Schilling.”Every time a player defeats the virtual Schilling character, Sony Online Entertainment, creators of EverQuest II, will make a donation of $5 dollars (up to a maximum of $10,000) to the ALS Association, which assists patients with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. After the three-day baseball series, Curt’s character will remain within the game as a high-powered enemy that characters will have to face later in the game. At the launch of the campaign on June 5th, Schilling’s 10-year-old son, Gehrig (named after the legendary Yankee first baseman), will be one of the first to battle his virtual dad in-game.

That’s what I love about Schilling. He’s that unlikely superhero – akin to Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. This guy has powers that can tear the Earth asunder – or at least rip you an ACL – yet at the end of the day, he’s content hanging down in Mantown beating his mystical bishop like every other guy. Forget all this ‘Red Light’ name calling nonsense. I’ve covered this guy’s heroic acts in a previous post, so I won’t delve in great detail, but I do think its refreshing to see a celebrity who is happy hanging at home, battling the cadre of Uruk-Hai, Sleestaks and Mandisas that have threatened the very fabric of our universe.

Essentially Curt is that real-life X-Man the Geek Nation has long dreamt of – he’s the ubergeek that developed superhuman powers overnight. Although, in their eyes, they probably feel he got shafted. Throwing a 99 MPH Fastball 113 consecutive times in a row is nothing compared to the ability to see through girl’s clothes. (“Oooooh, boobies!!!”)

Anyway, I thought this was a cool little story and wanted to share it. I think Curt’s a great guy – and in Boston baseball lore, he’s a personal hero of mine. In addition, he genuinely works hard to help the ALS charity.

Of course, while this is a pretty cool little bit of cross-promotion to beat down Lou Gehrig’s Disease, I couldn’t help but think that it’s just too bad that punk Pedro had to go and kick Nelson to the curb on his way out of town. In his new gig, Curt sure could have used a trusty Hobbit by his side.


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  • I’d take telepathy. Who wants to see thru clothes when you can just convince them to take it all off and not remember a thing. Wait a minute, I guess that’s the same thing as slipping a rohypnol…

    I read or heard about this the other day (I can’t remember which…who slipped me a ruffy?) and thought this was a pretty cool thing. Definitely an interesting and new way to raise money for charity.

    Funny how ballplayers are usually off cheating on their wives while on the road (and sometimes not I’m sure), but Curt just wants to hang with his laptop so as to lop of a few heads of MMORPG geeks. I’m sure Shonda has no issue with Curt and his time in Mantown…